[Pistol]DSA SA58 FAL TAC Pistol 11 $1895

[Pistol]DSA SA58 FAL TAC Pistol 11 $1895


[Pistol]DSA SA58 FAL TAC Pistol 11 $1895

14 reviews for [Pistol]DSA SA58 FAL TAC Pistol 11 $1895

  1. Mcdubstep21

    If you want to have a massive fireballs going down the hallway with 20-30 rounds of 308, then this is the gun for you

  2. EMTPirate

    Throw a loudencer on it, and go to an indoor range.

  3. rgm23


  4. EverybodyBetrayMe

    I’ve heard bad things about the reliability of FALs shorter than 18 inches. Is that a problem with these?

  5. gotnoaero

    When you hate money and your ears

  6. joseph-1998-XO

    Fuck I got a surprise stimmy check today I cannot blow it on this

  7. Colonel_Krink

    FWIW Website shows $1795 for non quad rail

  8. thrownaway_throw

    This looks amazing…must resist.

  9. whoNeedsPavedRoads

    It annoys me I cannot build the same thing for less.

    Yes the paratrooper folding feature, brace, and picstinny dust cover, as well as quad rail cause the price to be even higher to build with an IMBEL kit.

  10. falsruletheworld

    Lot of derp in the comments here.

  11. Apolopolo99

    This is the 3rd FAL pistol posted within half an hour, these are stupid

  12. gumby36psi

    This or that 1″‘ single shot .223 break action pistol

  13. Kantoku71

    Okay price, I paid 21 mid pandemic

  14. SickofSocialists

    What a waste of FAL parts.

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