[Pistol]Armscor Tac Ultra Threaded 1911 10mm Handgun 5.5″ 16+1 $729.97

[Pistol]Armscor Tac Ultra Threaded 1911 10mm Handgun 5.5″ 16+1 $729.97


[Pistol]Armscor Tac Ultra Threaded 1911 10mm Handgun 5.5″ 16+1 $729.97

15 reviews for [Pistol]Armscor Tac Ultra Threaded 1911 10mm Handgun 5.5″ 16+1 $729.97

  1. Sweet_Meat_McClure

    The staggering amount of debt I have at the moment won’t even allow me to fantasize purchasing this. That said, I so badly want to want it.

  2. big_daddy_kane1

    This Reddit hates me

  3. JLock17

    How hard is it to suppress 10mm? I thought about getting a 15 round .45 for for a while, but I might settle for this.

  4. OtmfP

    The best mm

  5. gameragodzilla

    I have the more basic version of this gun without the threaded barrel or rails, but it is awesome. Great shooting, high capacity 10mm.

  6. dtmogul

    I want this gun but in 9mm.

  7. 2qwik2katch

    Wow this gun has been on my wish list for a while. Not sure if I “need” it. I have other priorities to buy on my wish list but this one has been out of stock for a while.

  8. theatavist

    Is there a differences between a barrel threaded for a compensator and a barrel threaded for a suppressor? With this model is there a comp you could fit without modification?

  9. getoffmylastname

    Rock Island?

  10. NYG_5

    Damn daniel. Do these guys do mil/leo pricing?

  11. SupreamSammy


  12. MacPats


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  14. Hoplophilia

    I have this very gun. Picked it up just a few weeks ago as-new at lgs with three mags for $800 which out the door isn’t a much better deal than transferring this, other than the impossibility of finding mags. (Oh, and it came with like 230 rounds.)

    It’s a lot of fun to shoot, that’s for sure. I’d call this a solid BIN price if you’re into this sort of thing.

  15. The_silly_taco

    Could you buy a .40 barrel and drop it into this thing to have both?

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