[Pistol] Zev OZ9 Combat 9mm – $899.99

[Pistol] Zev OZ9 Combat 9mm – $899.99


[Pistol] Zev OZ9 Combat 9mm – $899.99

14 reviews for [Pistol] Zev OZ9 Combat 9mm – $899.99

  1. dr_bund

    Damn it. Just bought a shadow systems MR920 instead of this because the ZEV was more expensive. The MR920 cost me more than what this is priced at

  2. LynchTaco

    For those that don’t know, the OZ9 has a swappable grip that attaches to a full steel frame the slide rides on. You can make it a g17 length grip or a g19 and change the color just by popping out a single pin. It’s gen3 glock parts compatible.

  3. AgentBanner

    208 has been killing it lately. I’ve gotten 2 guns from them in the past week.

  4. Z_0_Sick

    Upvote for 208

  5. macsspeed

    Wow, I fucked up. My brain transposed this as the shadow systems one and I just kept on scrolling, only to realize the next day that this is the one I want. Holding out for more goodness from 208

  6. Clipse3GT

    Fancy glock huh…

  7. pfffft_comeon


  8. Extra_Ad_5269

    do they ship to cali

  9. UnconventionalCamel

    Aaaaannnnddddd they’re gone

  10. flaccidkac

    So pissed I missed this.

  11. poinanipounder

    As good as a glock?

  12. IAMheretosell321

    Nice price

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  14. GassyGlock

    bot oos

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