[Pistol] Zastava ZPAP92 AK47 Pistol W/ Folding Triangle Brace – $1189.99

[Pistol] Zastava ZPAP92 AK47 Pistol W/ Folding Triangle Brace – $1189.99


[Pistol] Zastava ZPAP92 AK47 Pistol W/ Folding Triangle Brace – $1189.99

13 reviews for [Pistol] Zastava ZPAP92 AK47 Pistol W/ Folding Triangle Brace – $1189.99

  1. JKirchh

    You would save $100 buying the brace separate

  2. Steel-and-Wood

    Bros I want one bad but not $1.2k bad.

    I’ve got an AMD kit that’s gonna have to scratch the itch I guess

  3. Downfall_of_Numenor

    This or spend more and get a Galil?

  4. the20thh

    It’s like déjà vu from the nfa page, “these m16 were $2000 back in my day”

  5. eTizzle12

    Man. This price isn’t worth it.

  6. phmax1337

    Is this really overpriced?

    The model people are referring to that was 700~800 back in early 2020 is the one without muzzle device and brace, I think.

    Price did come up a bit, but it is not as ridiculous as Arsenal imo.

    People are paying like 3000 for SAM7SF-94E, milled receiver? Sure. limited edition? Sure. features? Sure. Msrp 2500 for a non Russian AK, Wtf?

    This by comparison doesn’t seem too bad.

  7. bigcockondablock

    You pay this price you’re a huge simp.

  8. WhyNaut_Zoidberg

    Fuck all of you “tHis pRiCe aInT iT11!1111” tards. No shit it was cheaper before COVID, literally everything was.

    Buy it now for this, or for $2500 a year from now when your dollars are worth piss.

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  10. AlmostHonestAbe

    Looks like dark walnut but its basically black. i went through half bottle of nail polish remover and 2 towels to lighten it up to a shade I was ok with.

  11. PolarBearCoordinates

    This is peak flex right now

  12. whats_kracken_lackin

    This is the one boyssss

  13. trumpcare2k15

    Atlantic smoking dick

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