[Pistol] ZASTAVA ARMS ZPAP85 5.56X45 10.5 BBL WOOD $808

[Pistol] ZASTAVA ARMS ZPAP85 5.56X45 10.5 BBL WOOD $808


[Pistol] ZASTAVA ARMS ZPAP85 5.56X45 10.5 BBL WOOD $808

19 reviews for [Pistol] ZASTAVA ARMS ZPAP85 5.56X45 10.5 BBL WOOD $808

  1. litegreen666

    I was here and I could have bought it if I wasn’t a poor Bitch.

  2. 3pinephrine

    I clicked this so quick thinking it was an m92

  3. victorconcepts

    Can dealers put the right damn picture up jesus

  4. Sleeveless9

    Great price. Paid $100ish more for mine. With a triangle folder brace it’s a super fun flame thrower.

  5. playboyclic

    The picture doesn’t match the description, just so new AK owners aware.

  6. secretmuffin

    Almost took my credit card out thinking it was 7.62

  7. unknown300BLKuser

    I vowed not to buy any gun this month. Poor decision.

  8. mak_atak

    Is primary arm ever going to restock on zpaps?

  9. InsuranceSuccessful7

    Well thanks for posting , I ripped my back pocket trying to get my wallet out. Only to then realize this is a m85 not a m92. I already have an m85 soo……. still waiting on the next shipments of m92’s. None the less good find.


    Uggh it’s in 5.56, now we’re going backwards.

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  12. gorillaz3648

    plEASE make this in 5.45, Zastava. This is my only wish and desire. Give me a Yugo Krink

  13. GlawkInMahRari

    Okay so I may be the odd one out but I want 5.56 AK, why do I not want this?

    Is this chrome lined like the m70/92?

    What else?

  14. Whiskey-12

    Fuck I bought one two months ago for $950

  15. gucogeko

    So is this what we buy if we want to basically have a M70 but SBR? I’m new to AKs and dumb.

  16. erehwonrepsaj

    That magazine doesn’t look right.

  17. notacrabperson

    There’s m92’s on classicfirearms. 3 left.

  18. OTP4OPP

    I got downvoted last time I brought this up but has anyone else had issues with canted front sights on the zpap pistols or did i just get unlucky? My m70 is great but I got an M92(ended of selling it) and an M92 alpha and both had visibly canter front sights. Need to post a picture and see if it’s worth trying to get fixed. Looks a little wonky but I’m probably just going to put 1x prism on the optic rail anyway.

  19. luckygunnerx30

    Gib rifle version

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