[Pistol] X Grade Chinese Norinco Type 54 Tokarev Pistol – $199.95 + S/H

[Pistol] X Grade Chinese Norinco Type 54 Tokarev Pistol – $199.95 + S/H


[Pistol] X Grade Chinese Norinco Type 54 Tokarev Pistol – $199.95 + S/H

38 reviews for [Pistol] X Grade Chinese Norinco Type 54 Tokarev Pistol – $199.95 + S/H

  1. TxCoast

    Im sorely tempted. Didn’t jump on the Yugos when they were $250, about to impulse by this. I’ve heard good things about AimSurplus X-grade.

    Someone tell my why I should or shouldn’t send it?

  2. djididjddnjdjd

    Do I buy one under my c&r? What is x grade?

  3. KaiserThrawn

    I should have gotten a Yugo when they were $250 a few months ago.

  4. boarlizard


  5. CrazedCthulhu

    God this place is weird. Last time I saw these posted everyone was warning against them and saying how there’s no ammo. Now everyone is buying them up like hotcakes even though the pic they CHOSE looks like absolute trash lol. Good luck y’all!

  6. Adept-Resource-7234

    i have never bought anything x grade from aim surplus but good luck to those who give it a shot


    post experiences if those who have 😉

  7. ColateralD4mage

    Broke ass college student here. In for 1 to compliment my Mosin.

  8. KGb_Voodo0

    I have a a type 54 and honestly one of the coolest things is the chrome lined barrel

  9. pasghetticode

    Fair warning: I bought one of their $349 Type 54s and it was a little beat up (one of the grips had a big chunk missing). I’m a little unsure what X Grade for these are going to be…but fuck it, in for a couple more.

  10. JackAndy

    But what happened to all the cheap 7.62×25 surplus ammo? I saw that stuff dry up by July 2020.

  11. ComradeHX

    Fuck it, I’ll get one.

  12. wanttobeoceanside

    Dammmmmmnnnnn you!!!! Had to buy it. Always have had great luck with the xgrades.

  13. UllrRllr

    I’m in for one. Why isn’t there a C&R subreddit for stuff like this?

  14. Bulky_Ganache_1197

    What is x grade

  15. paint3all

    If I didn’t already have one, I’d probably snatch this up.

    Aim X grades are always in good shape.

    Also for what it’s worth, prior to this batch of imports, Chinese Type 54 pistols were uncommon and expensive.

  16. NotoriousDVA

    I hear Chinese bats took out the whole world, can’t imagine what the guns are like

  17. DVMMeowmix

    Are the x grades guaranteed to function? If so I might pick one up

  18. Limp-Quail

    A lot of people sell these check on gun broker. The “will be putting” sentence make me not want it.

  19. onyourleftbro

    I really want to buy this but can we actually get ammo? I get it was super cheap not long ago I feel like it’s dried up..

  20. Piratessptr_1

    Gundeals why do you do this to me.

  21. akmarksman

    When the range fudds laugh at your AR-15 chambered in a “varmint round” so you whip out this baby, and proclaim “SEVEN SIX TWO MILLIMETER FULL METAL JACKET..” and remind them it has better armor piercing capability than their century old .45AARP..

  22. bradsredditacct

    Would this blow up if I shot it?

  23. 153MHawk

    I’ve bought x grade mags that were in better condition than described. Never a firearm though…

  24. waehrik

    Looks like that one had a bad rattle can paint job /s

  25. buzzgun

    They come pre-stippilated

  26. Sasquatch1916

    Aim’s X grade is usually still really good. Screw it, just ordered one

  27. Kags1969

    We will roll the dice on these. In for 2. I did the same thing on 2 Mosin Revolvers for $99/each back in the day. I hear those are worth something now.

  28. kestrel1000c

    In for one thank God before you animals snatched them all up

    AIM is gtg. Every time.

  29. BananaBen

    I bought an m57 from them two years ago. X grade. Only shoots about 5 rounds at a time then it’s a crapshoot if it will fire or not

  30. ScrodoSackins

    Fuck it – I’m in for one. I already have a Yugo TT-33.

  31. Big-Sploosh

    Ehh, not a chicom collector, but I missed out back when Romanian and Yugos were $250, so Chinese it is then.

  32. fnbrowning

    If I bought on of these Chi-Com Tokarevs, then it would be ideal cover for the inexpiable stockpile of 7.62×25mm ammo I have on hand . . for something. . .

  33. always_an_eagle

    These are still in stock. Order has officially been restored in the world

  34. Meta1spy

    Shit I’m in for one. I’m guessing these have the garbage trigger safety?

  35. tptips420-69

    Tf u get ammo for these…

  36. CallsignMontana

    I had one, trigger safety was removed, sold it for $400. Collector boomers who don’t buy guns on the internet will pay for these.

    And to my ATF handler… I do not buy guns with intent to sell.

  37. GabapentinGetaway

    they should be paying us to take these

  38. KrustyBoomer

    What’s the deal between this vs a Romanian for a bit more? TT-33.

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