[Pistol] USED SIG P229R 40S&W DAK, 12 + 1, 3.9″ barrel, Good to VG $449 Ships Free

[Pistol] USED SIG P229R 40S&W DAK, 12 + 1, 3.9″ barrel, Good to VG $449 Ships Free


[Pistol] USED SIG P229R 40S&W DAK, 12 + 1, 3.9″ barrel, Good to VG $449 Ships Free

15 reviews for [Pistol] USED SIG P229R 40S&W DAK, 12 + 1, 3.9″ barrel, Good to VG $449 Ships Free

  1. Cocky_McBalls

    These need to be a solid $75 cheaper or more to justify the shitty trigger system

  2. johnhd

    Hopefully CDNN eventually starts getting CPO SIGs back in stock that don’t immediately get listed on GunBroker.

    They were selling factory refurbed 9mm P226s and P229s for $450-500 right before the pandemic hit.

  3. rockinDS24

    K E L L E R M A N

  4. yuppiemike

    I owned one of these a dozen years ago, my least favorite sig ever, that dak long heavy pull + 40 recoil was stupid.

  5. SnooMemesjellies4305

    I got a .40 P226 from Aimsurplus… $339… “X grade” which means lousy… but mine just had a little dirt in the grips… cleaned it out with my fingernail… otherwise no issues…tight slide with no visible wear… got a 9mm barrel for $144, plus a spring for $???… and some 9mm mags… I’m one happy camper 😉

  6. MicahWeeks

    People complaing about this trigger being “heavy.” It’s 6.5 pounds in double action. It’s not heavy. Not by any standard. Maybe if you’re wholly unrealistic and only ever shot finely tuned 1911’s, then maybe you have no concept of what any other trigger system is like. But anyone who has fired any modern handgun should not have trouble with a DAK trigger. It’s meant to be fired like a DAO gun. And even if you don’t allow the trigger to fully reset, the short reset trigger pull is still 8 lbs. which is what we usually consider to be a “good” trigger pull on a DAO revolver.

    I often wonder if people criticizing the DAK trigger have ever actually shot one.

  7. stircrazy85

    I wonder how many of the people that hate on DAK have actually used it cause I’ve never found it to be that bad. First pull is long and light, subsequent pulls short and heavy.

    Anyway, excellent deal.

  8. Dave_A_Computer

    It’s showing free flat rate shipping for me, extortion may vary though.

    Not as good of a deal as the DA/SA that popped up last week, but these are still solid pistols at this price despite the awful DAK trigger.

  9. Dogsport1

    So I’ve done a complete spring replacement and SRT trigger on an LE turn in 226 without any real issue. How much more difficult of a job is it to swap this over to DA/SA?

  10. awesome_jackob123

    I think I need one to keep my 228 company

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  12. MilSimSupply

    Anyone seen a deal on a 9? I may have bought a ton of magazines thinking they fit my p226

  13. MechaTrogdor

    One ugly mug.

  14. MarshallTheSwb

    I have this (in .357 Sig, same mags.)

    Compared to my 320, the trigger pull is horrible. When I shoot it, I make sure I do both reset points on the trigger after shooting.

    I do shoot my 320 better after shooting it though.

  15. Raiden571

    I passed on one for $300 before the Rona. I would of passed on it at $250. Trigger system is garbage and i was never a fan of 40sw in a small package.

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