[Pistol] Used Browning Hi-Power MKII 9mm Pistol $550

[Pistol] Used Browning Hi-Power MKII 9mm Pistol $550


[Pistol] Used Browning Hi-Power MKII 9mm Pistol $550

25 reviews for [Pistol] Used Browning Hi-Power MKII 9mm Pistol $550

  1. ilikepie145

    I feel like I need one

  2. BrambleVale3

    Fuck, I was hoping to catch one of these.


  3. DecliningSpider

    What in Red’s Tarnation?

  4. Rude-Garbage-4003

    yes people keep the milsurp postings coming

  5. salemlakes

    im waiting on new cheap parts kits to fill some PLA rainbow dragon receivers.

  6. rudkap

    Hi powers make me moist

  7. farofeirinho


  8. prginocx

    My buddy Jim has had a Browning Hi-Power 9mm for a long time. I don’t like pistols at all, but for some reason that is one pistol I can shoot very well and very accurately, grip just seems right for some reason. Last year he decided to sell almost all his guns or give them to his kids ( Hes 78 )…any way he told me he was thinking of selling that HiPower…let me tell you I drove right to the bank, $500 later at his house cash in hand…

  9. mrmax1984

    Damn. I just started researching Hi-Powers since the new Springfield dropped, and was expecting these OG ones to fetch $1k easily. $550 seems like a buy-it-now sort of thing. Is there some catch with these that I’m not aware of?

  10. rcberna84

    Nice price, too bad OOS. I’m leaning Springfield once they get the updated extractors put in, just because the mag disconnect is out, making the trigger awesome. Not sure EAA is doing that, FN new ones are, but 1300 for a double stack nine SA seems crazy given the other choices at that price point.

  11. TooMuchDebugging

    You blew it up! God-damn you all to hell!

  12. hellboycali

    Oos… damn fast…

  13. sithanas

    Good price for a mark II. If I didn’t already have a mark III I’d be all over this. Not in nice enough condition that it’d be a sin to have it refinished or optic milled either.

  14. VenomPayments


  15. JosyBR

    I want one because mine is too nice to get milled for a red dot and flat trigger.

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  17. NYG_5

    $550 isnt bad, I paid about $500 for a mk III back in 2017

  18. Asmewithoutpolitics

    Are these Cali legal? Aka are they old enough?

  19. CloveredInBees

    Damn. I’ve been looking for one of these.

  20. GizmodoDragon92

    My dad has one of these. Great gun

  21. UnfriskyDingo


  22. CaptainofChaos

    Any chance of a restock or other sellers getting some in stock?

  23. JoseSaldana6512

    Am i the only dumbass who saw “Red’s Tarnation”?

  24. OfficialHavik

    How in the fuck!?!? Aren’t these collectors items now??

  25. Cigar_Smokin_Ape

    ….And I’m late!

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