[Pistol] Tommy Built TG36KP and others in stock $2,725.00

[Pistol] Tommy Built TG36KP and others in stock $2,725.00


[Pistol] Tommy Built TG36KP and others in stock $2,725.00

15 reviews for [Pistol] Tommy Built TG36KP and others in stock $2,725.00

  1. tailgateparty

    Wish they’d make the XM8 kit again

  2. DakPresglock

    If these went down like $500 id buy one so fast

  3. JethroFire

    Thank God they don’t have one with a 12+ inch barrel in stock. I’ve been drinking scotch and might have done something awesome.

  4. BobbyBigGulp

    If they had a black one in stock, I would jump all over this. Maybe one day.

  5. N20Joe

    Well, in for one. Are these things any good? Also they got me for a 3.5% credit card fee charge so keep that in mind.

  6. squaad

    Why’d you have to post this. Now im out $3200

  7. aclark210

    Didn’t he get into it with the atf? Or did they get resolved?

  8. sando138

    I *just paid off the card.* Do not TEMPT ME thusly.

  9. tubadude2

    These guns are great. I love mine and Tom is a great guy that stands behind his stuff.

  10. GravyDaRealest

    Thanks dude in for 1

  11. TTTTescapee

    I want one so bad but I’ve already bought too much crap this year.

  12. NeighborhoodWarlord

    Polymer still cracking on these?

  13. 86gwrhino

    the whole tommy built atf debacle made me happy i bought an sl8 instead of one of his guns. even though the sl8 is exactly the same as what atf said was a machine gun but whatever

  14. DriveFoST

    These are so sweet. Too bad I live in commiefornia

  15. PandaCatGunner

    Dang, how much do these cost in Germany?

    Also, how are their TMPs in comparison to say a B&T APC to TP? That .357 looks so sexy, and it can be converted to 10mm 🙂

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