[pistol] TAURUS TX22 22LR 4IN 16+1 RDS (BLACK) $299.99

[pistol] TAURUS TX22 22LR 4IN 16+1 RDS (BLACK) $299.99


[pistol] TAURUS TX22 22LR 4IN 16+1 RDS (BLACK) $299.99

12 reviews for [pistol] TAURUS TX22 22LR 4IN 16+1 RDS (BLACK) $299.99

  1. AppleJelly2

    I don’t think this is a deal. Maybe I’m wrong, but aren’t these usually like $260?

  2. Gingercopia

    This has a manual safety, FYI for anyone who wants no safety.

  3. dae_giovanni

    consider the Lakeline spring. [apparently these can have issues with the slide breaking, and the Lakeline takes care of that.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Taurus/comments/kgbuoy/tx22_spring_problems_updated/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)

    otherwise great firearm. get this and Form1 yourself a can, you won’t regret it…

  4. jafar_dindu_nuffin

    This is in store pickup only. It won’t let me select other options. Even if you select “delivery” it only offers in store pickup as an option.

  5. CrimeBot3000

    These are $268.97 if you live near a BiMart.

  6. theclevelander

    Need some TX22 Competition deals to roll through.

  7. ReverendReed

    I own this gun, and remarkably it is one of the best 22 pistols I’ve ever shot. Not only is it cheap, it’s been incredibly reliable and accurate. It very rarely jams, and it’s easy to clean and maintain.

    I’ve shot Brownings, rugers, smiths, and they didn’t perform as well as this guy.

    That being said, I’ve owned 1 Taurus 9mm. Piece of junk. Haven’t liked their revolvers either. I’m not a big fan of Taurus. Except for this TX22.

  8. Goldemar

    They also have the competition model for $449.99

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  10. dirtyboots702


  11. Dantheconqueror

    I got mine for 285 great little gun

  12. Temporary_Annual_986

    I saw one of these in a gun shop and mentioned how 22s tend to be a beast sometimes to field strip, so the guy working the counter said, I bet this ones easy! He broke it down but then couldn’t get it back together.

    Ended up buying a Glock 44 instead

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