26 reviews for [Pistol] TAURUS G3C 12RD 9MM $199.99 FREE SHIPPING / NO TAX

  1. Direct-Example

    Tempted to pick up another one at this price and make it my bathroom gun lol

  2. mjisdagoat23

    Damn! RIP to the ppl who bought the G2C for the same price. This site is on Fire with the sales. Giving me that 2019 vibe again. When everything was Good n Cheap.

  3. DillynBleu

    Nice find OP. Have ordered from this seller several times. They have great prices! Didn’t know I was getting another 9 today. LOL

  4. BertBlyleven

    Sent it. This shop has been killing it with online deals lately.

  5. treerain

    Fuck. I gotta stop looking at granny porn at work and start watching gundeals.

  6. strelokjg47

    Fuck it, looks like I found my first CCW

  7. sonofsandhill

    I’m waiting for another hellcat sale

  8. mjisdagoat23

    Man, I should buy this and sell the G2C for the same price to the pawn shop or a relative. Comes with 3 mags. Not bad.

  9. yanniyi

    Comes with 3 mags, this will be a nice stocking stuffer for the missus!

  10. SouthPawCO

    These are solid guns. I bought a slightly used stainless one for $130. After reading the reviews, I figured why not for the price. I am extremely happy I did because it has been nothing but reliable. I only have about 400-500 rounds through it but it had no trouble eating everything I’ve fed it. Trigger sucks but for cheap BUG/CCW/truck gun, it works great.

  11. Zenick000

    I bought a G3C a couple months ago and it’s had some reliability issues. Pretty often the slide will not return forward all the way and you have to hit it with your palm. I’m still hoping it will break in since we’ve only shot 200 rounds max through it. Pretty tempting to get another at this price and see if it works any better than the first one.

  12. scubalizard

    This or a Hi-Point… choices, choices

  13. bigcockondablock

    Got a gun for my sister

  14. 92foxcoupe


  15. Direct-Example

    Bot OOS

  16. GuageeTheLogger

    Just as good!!!

  17. Turbo123T3

    I got the G2C and enjoy it… This is mega tempting.

  18. I_like_to_run__

    PSA I got a lemon G3C

    I bought one of these for like $280 back in April for my brother’s birthday. He finally had time to take it to the range with me this past weekend. First two mags worked fine. The third had issues with light primer strikes. It seems to be a trigger issue since it will not reset. Now I need to send it back to get fixed.

  19. Nobody44LoveLetter

    Is there any reason to not buy one of these? This looks stupid cheap

  20. Sure-Crazy3212

    They are coming for our pockets! 😂 Send it

  21. dr4gon2000

    I never thought I’d own a Taurus, but at this price… Idk

  22. Fantastic_Set2986

    Sent it rip wallet

  23. Raztan

    I think this is a pricing mistake, but Im in for one

    I just placed an order for the last G3C in with a stainless slide and a ODG g3 with them yesterday.

    I paid 239 for the stainless G3C but f’it.. my dealer only changes me by the form so I can’t say no

  24. whoisligma

    I just got one for 238.99 and I thought I got a steal. Smh

  25. bigmalaka73

    Had to get 1 at this price. I got a g2c a few months ago for $212 off gunbuyer.com so a g3c for $199 no tax and free shipping was hard to pass up. I dont have experience with this seller . I’m hoping they are good to go?

  26. DirtyTooth

    This is OOS I’m bummed I’ve been wanting one of these.

    Did this come with 3 mags?

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