[Pistol] Taurus 1911 Blue 5″ Barrel 9mm $519.00

[Pistol] Taurus 1911 Blue 5″ Barrel 9mm $519.00


[Pistol] Taurus 1911 Blue 5″ Barrel 9mm $519.00

7 reviews for [Pistol] Taurus 1911 Blue 5″ Barrel 9mm $519.00

  1. Zastavarian

    I like the concept:
    Taurus – to piss off the anti-Taurus group
    1911 – to piss off the anti-1911 bois
    9mm – to piss off the 1911 purists

  2. FatalSky

    My grandpa open carries this in a cross draw holster.

  3. Puzzled-Computer158

    Bring back the stainless with the gold trigger/safety.

  4. sv2211

    You can get this for 20$ cheaper @Battlehawk Armory

  5. JackEstab0n

    Anyone got a lead on a railed version

  6. Confident_Artist6194

    This is a great option if you want a gun that doesn’t work and are willing to send it back to taurus just so Taurus can keep it for 4 months and send it back to you still broken.

  7. defiant1776

    How is this company still in business?

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