[Pistol] S&W Performance Center 500 7.5″ Barrel – $1559.95

[Pistol] S&W Performance Center 500 7.5″ Barrel – $1559.95


[Pistol] S&W Performance Center 500 7.5″ Barrel – $1559.95

10 reviews for [Pistol] S&W Performance Center 500 7.5″ Barrel – $1559.95

  1. UnassumingAnt

    Yes. More batches of S&W 500s coming out which means in a year there will be another flood of used ones hitting the market for cheap with one cylinder fired through them.

  2. gdmfsobtc

    If in doubt, buy this. The top rail is thankfully included but not attached. It’s my softest shooting 500 mag.

  3. LowValueAviator

    If you shoot this thing with locked elbows you’re in for about 2.5 weeks of pain.

  4. urban1alchemist

    That’s a big iron, alright.

  5. big_aug

    I’ve been wanting to get one of those 500 S&W Performance Center 3.5″. Never see them in stock anywhere.

  6. Enigma_x23

    God if you’re listening, please have them 3” performance version in stock soon and let me get the notification in time. I don’t ask for much lol.

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  8. Tall_Duck

    Why is it that whenever you try to enlarge a picture on dkfirearms, the “enlarged” picture is smaller than the one on the page?

  9. LordHummungous

    Cant decide between this or the Springfield Hellcat for first CCW

  10. TwoBallsagna

    No one is going to say it? Well I will. That is hideous.

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