[Pistol] S&W M&P 380 Shield EZ (No Safety) – 3.7″ .380 ACP $319.99

[Pistol] S&W M&P 380 Shield EZ (No Safety) – 3.7″ .380 ACP $319.99


[Pistol] S&W M&P 380 Shield EZ (No Safety) – 3.7″ .380 ACP $319.99

5 reviews for [Pistol] S&W M&P 380 Shield EZ (No Safety) – 3.7″ .380 ACP $319.99

  1. Gibbs-

    Dang bass pro had a bunch of 380 self defense ammo today.

    Would’ve made a decent combo.

  2. always_an_eagle

    Order slowly being restored

  3. Linkmaco3

    Whatever you do, do NOT get the Bodyguard version of the S&W 380. Terrible track record of the magazines falling out upon firing, light primer strikes, etc. I just bought one and the trigger goes dead every few shots, so you have to rack the slide to reset the trigger. Even when the trigger works normally, it’s incredibly heavy and the reset distance is enormous, so rapid fire is nearly impossible. Many people love the sig p238 for pocket carry, I’m just not a fan of having a cocked hammer in my pocket holster. I carry appendix and hammers in my pocket still scare me for some reason. Good alternatives would be Ruger LCPII or even a Glock 42. I own all three and yes a Glock 42 is pocket sized, just a bit more bulky than other options.

  4. DoomDoomBabyFist

    Great deal, I have the 9mm and the grip safety works fantastic. Never had a problem with any type of grip not activating the safety. Pistol shoots great and the light rack spoils you and makes you feel cool. The rail in the front also gives you the option of a good home defense tool for lights.

  5. wrexiwagon05

    Shipping was $28.90 to Boise, ID so going with my LGS was actually a better deal for this bc they had the same one for $350 and don’t have to pay a transfer fee

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