[Pistol] Suarez SI 547 pistol (Glock 47/19L style) $950

[Pistol] Suarez SI 547 pistol (Glock 47/19L style) $950


[Pistol] Suarez SI 547 pistol (Glock 47/19L style) $950

11 reviews for [Pistol] Suarez SI 547 pistol (Glock 47/19L style) $950

  1. meximantx

    seems like you could just chop a 17 with some custom stippling for cheaper, and you could still afford some OEM mags.

  2. IdyllicArcadia

    Comes with a vertx concealment bag according to the description

  3. baaaaddds

    The g47 never made sense to me. Maybe someone can explain? So it’s a g45 frame and a g17 sized slide and barrel….so a g17?…

  4. BenderVsGossamer

    Polymer80 CL for the win

  5. Thomas_peck

    You can legit build almost 2 P80s that will cost the same.

  6. togsu

    I’ve heard some folks are not a fan of Suarez, but given the fact Glock is not offering the 47 outside of contract sales this looks like an intriguing option. An alternative to the Shadow Systems MR920L for those who would prefer a Glock glock.
    (Edit: to clarify, this is not really 47 style because it has a Glock 19 frame, not Glock 45)

  7. SappyMcSapperton

    I haven’t seen NP3 finish on a pistol barrel, that’s nice

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  9. spook777

  10. FiddlerOnTheDesk

    Okay, but does include the backstrap kit?

  11. Cremefraichememer

    my friend is considering a shadow systems – should he look at this instead?

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