[Pistol] Springfield Model SA-35 9mm 15RD Walnut Grips & Matte Blued Finish $699 PreOrder

[Pistol] Springfield Model SA-35 9mm 15RD Walnut Grips & Matte Blued Finish $699 PreOrder


[Pistol] Springfield Model SA-35 9mm 15RD Walnut Grips & Matte Blued Finish $699 PreOrder

27 reviews for [Pistol] Springfield Model SA-35 9mm 15RD Walnut Grips & Matte Blued Finish $699 PreOrder

  1. luckygiraffe

    One thing I learned in video games: no GD preorders

  2. pantlesspuma

    Friends don’t let friends pre order guns.

  3. shittygrammer

    Is your card charged immediately or once the item is shipped?

  4. tubadude2

    As tempting as it is, I’m no preorders. I’ll just wait until I see them in the wild. I’ve even got mags ready to go.

    The Springfield rep for the shop my SO works for was in before thanksgiving and said they should drop in large numbers in a week or so. Hopefully that’s accurate.

  5. iLuvstockglocksights

    Going to perform a heinous act and get it milled for a red dot lol

  6. AssumptionRemarkable

    PreOrders no matter the vendor is a shit show.

  7. Giraffecaster

    If you look up gun dot deals for upc 706397943967 there are drop ship dealers waiting on inventory (so out of stock right now) priced at $565. Hodl.

  8. Tyrannosaurus_Dex

    Flannel Daddy posted a 2k round review of this on his channel today and the results were…. Not great.

    I’d wait and see if they get the QC issues under control.

    And I say this as someone who really wants one of these

  9. Kashm1r_Sp1r1t

    Garand Thumb’s review just came out, and he’s consistently getting extractor issues with a sample size of 2. Beware.

  10. Murder_Hobo_LS77

    Hmmm. To take the money and send my 1985 Belgian Hi power to mk3 for a build or buy this and send it in… Decisions decisions

  11. Thomas_peck


    But I’ll just buy another CZ.

    They build guns much nicer the Springfield and they are my peoples as well

  12. RustyShacklefordVR2

    I dont see why a preorder is necessary nor why you would buy one online for MSRP plus shipping and transfer when you could just go to your LGS and have them order you one for their markup over distributor cost. Mine was $625 plus tax. And I picked it up a week and a half ago.

  13. AcmeBoilerCompany

    If you’re on the fence about buying one, don’t be.

    I shot mine yesterday at the range and its a great gun, especially at retail pricing. 147 gr flat to 115 HP fed without a hiccup.

    I found mine at a local indoor range at retail and jumped on it.

  14. svoddball

    Man, thank goodness that the prices actually went down to MSRP because I remember a pair of online dealers were originally trying to get 1500-1600 for one.

  15. 9IX

    [Garand Thumbs’s review on the SA-35](https://youtu.be/-1fNG57ZtFQ)

  16. ZombieHoratioAlger

    How true-to-design is the SA-35? Does it have a magazine disconnect?

    And, more importantly, is it dimensionally accurate? Do all the Cylinder&Slide go-fast parts work without too much alteration?

  17. zeporscheguy

    Was fired up to pick one of these up then saw Garand Thumb’s review a couple days ago. I’ll hold off until they work the kinks out.

  18. PissinHotHandLoads

    Can’t justify giving Springfield Armory any money….

  19. thickjim

    I want to see one with a dot

  20. rusty_shack1eford

    Why not buy an actual BHP for about as much as this costs?

  21. bigfoot_76

    I’ll pass and wait for the cheap MIM parts to be weeded out and the recalls to happen because we KNOW it’s going to happen.

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  23. CaptainofChaos

    Good to see these are coming into the market at MSRP. Definitely not gonna pre-order with no ETA though wtf

  24. AcmeBoilerCompany

    Only 300 as I ran out of ammo. More next weekend and am going to order some palm swell g10 grips, I have larger hands and it has very slim grips. very nice, but slim.

    I , so far have not had any of the issues that garand thumb or b@h have had. Mine is in the 1400 serial range.

  25. DorkWadEater69

    Well, holy crap, Springfield managed to put a gun on the market that isn’t emblazoned with their logo in 5 places. Bravo.

  26. JefeJB

    I think I’ll get one from EAA.

  27. CoffeeOnline

    Friends, go watch Garand Thumb’s video on this. I wouldn’t buy it for defensive purposes. As a range toy? Absolutely.

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