[Pistol] SPRINGFIELD GARRISON 1911 45ACP 5″ 7RD BLK $680.22 No Tax

[Pistol] SPRINGFIELD GARRISON 1911 45ACP 5″ 7RD BLK $680.22 No Tax


[Pistol] SPRINGFIELD GARRISON 1911 45ACP 5″ 7RD BLK $680.22 No Tax

13 reviews for [Pistol] SPRINGFIELD GARRISON 1911 45ACP 5″ 7RD BLK $680.22 No Tax

  1. strelokjg47

    is there a Springfield Mr Hat too? /s

  2. Bigred2989-

    [Ruffian breaks into my home]


  3. NoobShooter777


  4. Tyrannosaurus_Dex

    Holding out for an SA-35… if anyone ever gets them in stock.

  5. sulaco83

    Springfield: let’s make our guns look better by getting rid of the huge ugly rollmarks on the slides of our 1911s.
    Also Springfield: let’s give all our guns stupid names and engrave them on the slides.

  6. Broseidon37

    Hell yeah scooped one. thanks!

  7. laskmich

    I wish I could think of anything else other than Mr Garrison from South Park when I see this 😭

  8. Piratessptr_1

    Damn was about to be in for one but it doesn’t look like they will ship it to MD.

  9. Blakeok91

    I’d consider one if it didn’t say garrison on the slide

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  11. Bigtreees


  12. Buhx3

    NO NO NO NOOOO I needed this 😔

  13. tjcarbon9

    Am I the only one that dislikes 1911’s without front strap serrations? My 10mm Kimber was this way, and always seemed to move around in my hand…

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