[PISTOL] Springfield Armory HELLCAT RDP WASP – HC9389BTOSPWASP – $780.00

[PISTOL] Springfield Armory HELLCAT RDP WASP – HC9389BTOSPWASP – $780.00


[PISTOL] Springfield Armory HELLCAT RDP WASP – HC9389BTOSPWASP – $780.00

12 reviews for [PISTOL] Springfield Armory HELLCAT RDP WASP – HC9389BTOSPWASP – $780.00

  1. Dmands

    People shit on this but I want it.

  2. whenamanlovesa_ama

    Maybe I’m missing something but why take a Micro and slap a bunch of shit on it? Seems like the worst of all worlds

  3. urban1alchemist

    Croatia is greatest country

  4. Knownofear13

    I feel like all of the Fudd LGS owners love Springfields

  5. AgreeablePie

    Is this a meme??

  6. commonsense-is-dead

    This is the girl’s purse gun. Shoots like a dream for a micro. I carry a 43x but I like the Hellcat RDP quite a bit.

  7. Puzzleheaded_Might65

  8. dontcare1685

    What in the mall ninja?

  9. HuiColins987


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  11. Dontnut69

    I had bad luck with mine and would lock the slide back halfway through a mag.
    Ended up selling it.
    The optic was hot garbage as well.

    I rarely carry my hellcat with the 507k nowadays.

  12. TheChance916


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