[PISTOL] Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP MS (HC9389BTOSPWASPMS) – $769.98

[PISTOL] Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP MS (HC9389BTOSPWASPMS) – $769.98


[PISTOL] Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP MS (HC9389BTOSPWASPMS) – $769.98

16 reviews for [PISTOL] Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP MS (HC9389BTOSPWASPMS) – $769.98

  1. xenoterranos

    Just FYI Springfield is giving away free 15rnd mags with the purchase of a hellcat.


  2. murderfack

    People hating on this for the wrong reasons, the gun is fantastic IMO, the HEX Wasp optic it comes with sucks though. Most common upgrade is a mounting plate for a trij or holosun


    I’ve shot this back to back with with a 365 and a 43x and I prefer the hellcat, YMMV.

    Also +1 for manual safety

  3. 86gwrhino

    i find it funny all you basement dwellers with a rowland special g19 poking your dick are saying this thing looks big and pointless

  4. zero_cool88

    These are $899 locally for what it’s worth. Price seems decent. Can’t be worse than having a G19 playing pocket pool with your junk..

  5. I_work_too_much

    Y tho

  6. TheChance916

    This is silly lol

  7. ATF0PenUp


  8. MattTheIdiotBoy

    How will I know where to hold it if it doesn’t say G R I P Z O N E!! on it?!

  9. joeyicecream

    If you have larger hands this thing feels like its going to jump right out to the floor when you go for a mag change.

  10. Dontnut69

    I had an rdp and sold it. Micro compacts are stupid.

  11. TonkaButt

    Looks like something I’d see on r/PlebeianAR

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  13. TravisWsparks

    Shield plus says…… but why?

  14. Apprehensive-Ad-6161

    Are these bigger than the 365?

  15. Scary_Ad_2813

    Never been a hogue grip guy but this gun is much more comfortable with one.

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