[PISTOL] Sig Sauer P938 Legion 9mm 3″ Barrel 7+1 938-9-LEGION – $700 ships free

[PISTOL] Sig Sauer P938 Legion 9mm 3″ Barrel 7+1 938-9-LEGION – $700 ships free


[PISTOL] Sig Sauer P938 Legion 9mm 3″ Barrel 7+1 938-9-LEGION – $700 ships free

14 reviews for [PISTOL] Sig Sauer P938 Legion 9mm 3″ Barrel 7+1 938-9-LEGION – $700 ships free

  1. Saburo_Kashim

    Currently my EDC for about 2 years. Great for concealed carry practically non-exsistant IWB hip carry. The main difference between the legion and regular model are in the craftsmanship. The legion is cerakoted, all edges are rounded off, extended mag well for extra finger room, the trigger is smoothed out, and it runs stock tritium sights. With the gun you can email in proof off purchase to get a challenge coin and free soft case, along with access to the SIG Legion sales page.
    Gun shoots snappy but is accurate, the recoil guide rod does like to back out so make sure to loctite it.

  2. Linkmaco3

    Is this worth $700?

  3. Sneaky-Beaky-Ninja

    Imagine one of these that takes p365 mags

  4. Brusiedmeat

    I have the regular 938, very well made gun. No real difference between legion besides the aesthetics. I have shot both side by side.

    Pros.. Micro 1911.. Who does not love 1911? Small size can conceal in pocket. It feels great in hand despite the small footprint. Easier to shoot with pinky extension.

    Cons.. Small single stack, kicks like a horse, and takes a few shots to dial in…

  5. philipokmolotok

    I always wanted a legion, but I never even knew they had a micro compact one.

  6. LuckyBuilder69

    Good deal for this, paid a little more than this one for a nightmare edition a few years back. It was when they were a newer model and it was also at a brick and mortar, but still. It’s a solid gun, but does have a couple minor design flaws and the magazines are expensive. Make sure you get the 7 round mags for it unless you have baby hands lol.

  7. pleikunguyen

    Good deal

  8. marcelolopezjr

    Has it ever happened that just when you post something on the weekly curious buy thread and “all of a sudden” it shows up in the main thread?


  9. coked_out_orangutan

    I had enough problems with my standard 938 that it is now retired to the safe. Mag dropping out (known issue, fixed by sig) and two instances where i carried it for weeks not knowing it was inoperable…hammer would drop but no bang (safety issue, can’t remember exactly what the fix was though.)

    It is a great shooter, but given the issues I and many others have had with this platform, I would recommend against it. Go with the 365. It is about the same size with 50% more capacity.

  10. Krossrunner

    I have the Springfield knockoff, the Springfield 911 9mm, and it’s a very solid CCW choice. I’ve been carrying mine for a couple years now and it’s been great. You’ll definitely want to get to get to the range though, as other have said, it kicks quite a bit since it’s so small.

  11. _Merkin_Muffley_

    I prefer the 380 version. It still maintains a size advantage over the P365 while basically being a tiny, low-recoil bullet hose.

  12. SappyMcSapperton

    FYI I think legion P938 mags are different than standard mags because of the baseplate for the the extended magwell/grip, so make sure you check availability

  13. HanktheTank6294

    Decent zap carry?

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