[Pistol] Sig Sauer P320 XCARRY Legion 9mm 4.6″ Barrel 17+1 – $899.99 & free shipping

[Pistol] Sig Sauer P320 XCARRY Legion 9mm 4.6″ Barrel 17+1 – $899.99 & free shipping


[Pistol] Sig Sauer P320 XCARRY Legion 9mm 4.6″ Barrel 17+1 – $899.99 & free shipping

12 reviews for [Pistol] Sig Sauer P320 XCARRY Legion 9mm 4.6″ Barrel 17+1 – $899.99 & free shipping

  1. kayl_breinhar

    Just a word of advisory for buyers – 10/15/17 round magazines with the standard baseplate will not work in this without a Legion or third-party magazine baseplate or extension that will work with the magwell. Standard 21 rounders will work without issue.

    Obviously the cheapest solution is to remove the magwell, which is secured with a single Allen key screw. I’d very much advise putting said screw someplace where it won’t get lost, as it’s very adept at doing so for an inanimate object. >.>

  2. ARC_Captain_17

    lmao, did anyone look at the end of the URL? xD

  3. nalimus

    I still can’t wrap my head around offering this slide without an optics cut that can cowitness, particularly when other p320 slides can. I would have been all over this model had they done that.

  4. endwick

    I like Sigs and I like modularity but that gun looks ridiculous, proportionally speaking.

  5. jesuriah

    I don’t understand the mullet profile with the tungsten frame.

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  7. OfficialHavik

    Idk, I think this thing is cool, but I prefer DA/SA

  8. ManCream3000

    it’s wearing a little skirt

  9. LuM0s-Wolf762

    208 gun shop had these for 799.99 shipped last week .

  10. bleedbreakdowns

    I paid this for the 5″ version not suppressor ready several months ago. Kind of wish I had that barrel…

  11. awsum43

    If you put a suppressor on it and shoot subsonic ammo it won’t eject. Ask me how I know.

  12. HellofExcel

    Good to go?
    Dealer, not the sig.

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