[Pistol] Sig Sauer P226 X-Short CHR & CARB 9mm SAO – 19+1 $4,277 in store pick-up

[Pistol] Sig Sauer P226 X-Short CHR & CARB 9mm SAO – 19+1 $4,277 in store pick-up


[Pistol] Sig Sauer P226 X-Short CHR & CARB 9mm SAO – 19+1 $4,277 in store pick-up

27 reviews for [Pistol] Sig Sauer P226 X-Short CHR & CARB 9mm SAO – 19+1 $4,277 in store pick-up

  1. ImAlargebear

    Imagine going to sportsman’s to pick up your 4200 dollar handgun.

  2. leont21

    Good glove compartment gun. Have one in my 1992 Corsica

  3. professorhawking

    perfect, been looking for a carry piece to match my bust down rollie and versace shirt

  4. Zerethusta

    Who exactly is the target audience for this? Woof.

  5. RodgerTibbs

    I’m surprised they have any of these in the US to sell. I’d have thought they all went to Qatar.

  6. BrambleVale3

    Was on the fence until I saw the sweet case, in for one.

  7. Hurricaneshand

    I mean if I ever were to play a drug lord in a movie this is the gun I’m telling them I use

  8. TuckinPhypo

    Don’t forget, $20 off right now.

  9. ThunderousBandit

    Anybody else read the title and click on this expecting it was three guns for this price?

  10. acr680

    It’s burning my eyes

  11. Jaruut

    What’s the cheapest car I could pick this up in? Would an AMG Mercedes work, or will people know I’m merely pretending to be a baller?

  12. sixtysecdragon

    Two things that make me laugh. 1. This gun looks like something out of John Woo Movie. Feel like it would be featured in FaceOff. 2. At 4K, it still comes in a plastic box that the locks will surely pop off of about 15 minutes after you get it home.

  13. Tuco86x

    With their prices usually being the lowest, if sportsman’s charges 4200 for this, I wonder what everywhere else would?

  14. akazabam

    Sportsmans actually has a whole bunch of imported German-made P226’s right now. Not just this… uh… really shiny one. It’s still expensive, but here’s a more reasonable one:


    There are others if you search.

  15. Meta1spy


  16. KT515

    This thing is amazing omg. A real German Sig. Can I borrow $4300?

  17. ryleyg

    No “Limit 2”. Buy as many as you’d like!

  18. Rollingzeppelin

    Who’s still using Carbureted handguns in 2021?

  19. Callmechachi210

    To Mexican cartel for me

  20. rlowery

    Saving the URL for this for the next time someone complains about the HK tax. Between this and the new Spectre line, I am starting to wonder about what is going on in Sig’s product development meetings.

  21. SMarcher48

    Could someone tell me why these 1100$ guns are 3-4k. Because it’s made in Germany?

  22. Nobody44LoveLetter

    I was in for one, but would have to switch my gold fronts to chrome…

  23. michaelj9323

    Doubles as a flash bang when you run out of ammo

  24. Clifton1979

    This is Exhibit 1 in your self defense trial.

  25. doolay1988

    Hodl… for something you’ll actually use.

  26. Brotherauron

    what in the sexy fucking Flanders is that

  27. Bm7465

    Huh weird, how did they get all of the Legacy Sports import handguns? I mean they have literally everything. X-fives, LDCs, etc

    Keep in mind, these are German made custom shop guns. If you’ve ever handled one, they’re what I would consider at the top of the market for handgun quality. This model pricing is out of control but an x-five for $2499 compares well with almost anything else in that range.

    These guns are really works of art and this will be the last batch of them ever produced.

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