[Pistol] Sig Sauer MPX K 9mm $1,829.99

[Pistol] Sig Sauer MPX K 9mm $1,829.99


[Pistol] Sig Sauer MPX K 9mm $1,829.99

16 reviews for [Pistol] Sig Sauer MPX K 9mm $1,829.99

  1. datdude8686

    Love to see prices coming down. These were posted the other day for $2200+

  2. SgtHop

    I’m only $1,822 short!

  3. ihopeicanchangel8r

    Someone needs to talk me out of this. My bank account needs at least a couple months to recover from the last deal

  4. Sogan88


  5. corruptbytes

    dear sig, drop the 8″ version

  6. nakimar

    One of these or a B&T APC9K? I know this is a gas piston pistol and isn’t the same as the apc but kind of curious what the verdict on those are

  7. Illiteratej_

    Weird place to put a bipod, but ok.

  8. insaneium1

    I love my scorpion micro, but sometimes I just wish I got this instead. Sadly at this point if I were to get another pcc I’d get a sp5

  9. chapo28

    Ugggh, picked one up even though I already have one. What is wrong with me.

  10. Wide_Chair_9831

    Why must I be so broke….

  11. 03slampig

    Why in gods name did Sig use anything other than 1/2 x 28 for threading on this?

  12. C-c-c-comboBreaker17

    Why would I buy this if it’s going to be illegal very very shortly

  13. laskmich

    I just ordered a MP5K clone from Dakota Tactical or I’d jump on this 😭

    Edit: aaaaand it’s OOS as I went to buy it

  14. crackzattic

    I’m only an hour away from a store, but it’s across state lines. Is this considered a pistol and therefore I wouldn’t be able to transfer it unless I’m a resident of the state?

  15. bigbearlol

    Bleh never in stock! Been trying one of these for a long ass time, ended up getting a kriss vector, but still want an mpx

  16. Callmechachi210

    This should be in Louisiana gun deals since it’s only in store pick up

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