[pistol] Sig Sauer 9MM P365 Pistol tacpac $499

[pistol] Sig Sauer 9MM P365 Pistol tacpac $499


[pistol] Sig Sauer 9MM P365 Pistol tacpac $499

5 reviews for [pistol] Sig Sauer 9MM P365 Pistol tacpac $499

  1. jp78712

    If you have a sportsman’s nearby this is about the same money for an XL with 15 round mags. Saves a transfer fee if you have one in your area. $550


  2. Dave_A_Computer

    Y’all should probably just buy the P365X for ~~$439~~ $452.


    Edit: Looks like they raised the price by $13

    Edit 2: Defeat Minimum Advertising Price with this one simple click (Email for Quote)

  3. imfromtheburgh

    Wish it was an XL.

  4. secretaznman00

    For anyone thinking about it:

    I like my p365 but I wish I had known about the p365x prior to my purchase purely for the optics ready slide.

    I ended up buying the 365x slide from SIG for 300 so I could mount an optic but train the shorter 365 grip. Also didn’t want to deal with FFL stuff.

    I am fine with my route because I didn’t want a 2nd gun, but for only 200 to 250 more you could get a 365x or XL.

    Just something to consider.

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