[Pistol] Sig MCX Virtus 9” .300 BO $2300

[Pistol] Sig MCX Virtus 9” .300 BO $2300


[Pistol] Sig MCX Virtus 9” .300 BO $2300

18 reviews for [Pistol] Sig MCX Virtus 9” .300 BO $2300

  1. hack-a-shaq

    Fuck it, why not. Thanks OP

    Merry Christmas Motherfucker

  2. johnhd

    Can’t wait until 2027 when the 11.5s start showing up again.

  3. jsperadhomy

    Whew…. That was close…. Got lucky it was OOS

  4. TacticalTony15

    Damn!! I’ve been checking this subreddit for this and I miss it by seconds

  5. The-Old-Prince

    i dont need it i dont need it i dont need it

  6. gumby36psi

    Luckily wasn’t fde

  7. WhatsLeftToChoose


  8. gumby36psi

    Bot oos

  9. seungkoo

    Sweet I think I picked up the last one cuz it went oos after I checked out

  10. setmeonfiredaddyuwu

    What is the poor man’s MCX? I ask because I am a poor man

  11. cjk1000000

    Glad I didn’t see this earlier!

  12. Zerok800

    Need the tacops

  13. YooserNahme

    Nah. This price ain’t for me.

  14. Overpowernamerino

    what color is it? white?

  15. MarkyMark4231

    Forgive me ignorance, but what could possibly make this worth 2300?

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  17. punchincattle

    I wanted this so bad. Always showing up late

  18. -ordinary

    What’s the story on these? Noob here

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