[PISTOL] Sig Mcx Virtus 300 BO PISTOL 1 in stock $2199 merry xmas to you

[PISTOL] Sig Mcx Virtus 300 BO PISTOL 1 in stock $2199 merry xmas to you


[PISTOL] Sig Mcx Virtus 300 BO PISTOL 1 in stock $2199 merry xmas to you

18 reviews for [PISTOL] Sig Mcx Virtus 300 BO PISTOL 1 in stock $2199 merry xmas to you

  1. snipzy

    You didn’t mention the most important part. The color is elite concrete. That’s not your average concrete it’s better than other cretes

  2. ihatemusic84


  3. punchincattle

    What a cock tease.

  4. farkoss

    who done it? fess up

  5. mineremoval

    only 1 so better check out in the next 60 seconds……

  6. Andrevvyay


  7. KaiserSoze89

    If someone here bought this, change out the brace it’s not good.

  8. moneypitfun

    Finally a price lower than the others that have appeared

  9. JackEstab0n

    This vs pws upper?

  10. MasterWarChief

    Been looking for one of these for a while now not wanting to pay $3,000 for one off gunbroker and I missed it.

  11. nalimus


  12. Way_2_Go_Donny

    MCX Virtus, when you want to blast your forearms and biceps at the same time as shooting 10 dolla bills down range.

  13. GucciRifle

    Is the 6.7 inch 300 BO ever available? Thats the one to get imo

  14. NoobShooter777

    Tax killed it for me xD

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  16. dre847

    Saving up for one of these

  17. mineremoval

    Bot OOS

  18. mineremoval

    she gone bois

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