[Pistol] Sig MCX Virtus – 300 BLK Pistol 9″ – $2,529.99

[Pistol] Sig MCX Virtus – 300 BLK Pistol 9″ – $2,529.99


[Pistol] Sig MCX Virtus – 300 BLK Pistol 9″ – $2,529.99

15 reviews for [Pistol] Sig MCX Virtus – 300 BLK Pistol 9″ – $2,529.99

  1. LxnsIX

    I know these a unicorn but this is about 600 too much for me, hopefully they go to a good home and not re sold

  2. JTM0990

    We do deals here, sir

  3. hoyitschis

    If I hadn’t bought night vision yesterday, I’d be on on this

  4. SeaFoam82

    I just need the barrel 😩

  5. CashCreditOrReddit

    Goodness gracious this makes me glad I snapped mine up March 2019. Really wish I’d been smart enough to get the 11.5” 5.56 conversion at the same time though, they’re almost just as hard to get.

  6. JohnnyBoy11

    At least it makes the ammo look cheap(er).

  7. thismyotheraccount2

    Maaaan… a month ago I wouldn’t have hesitated. But I think this gun has finally lost unicorn status for me and my practical side (aka bank account) has won over for now.

    (If this were 2k like yesterdays I might be going through some different emotions)

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  9. tiffanyhascrabs

    5.56 please.

  10. anelloj

    There is a cheaper buy it now even on Gunbroker.

  11. Adept-Resource-7234

    thats a little too much but considering gb its not bad

    if it was the 11″556 id be all over it…*sigh*

  12. Pew_Jackman

    I have a legacy blackout. Help me explain to my wife how this one is different. She’s not buying this is the special edition grey one.

  13. Go_For_Broke442

    but this vs PWS MK109?

  14. Shooets-Envy-12

    I have the sb version of that brace, not great

  15. sneak36

    Is this seller G2G?

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