[pistol] Sig MCX Rattler Pistol w/ folding brace $2,399

[pistol] Sig MCX Rattler Pistol w/ folding brace $2,399


[pistol] Sig MCX Rattler Pistol w/ folding brace $2,399

8 reviews for [pistol] Sig MCX Rattler Pistol w/ folding brace $2,399

  1. kingofpringlez

    I love this gun, but this is more of an in stock alert.

    Plus shipping for another $26

  2. hastalavistabb

    My local FFL has them for $2300, no transfer and no shipping is the only way I’d pay this.

  3. radionicist

    Short configuration or with a Midwest Industries handguard and suppressor – either way, I love the Rattler!


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  5. renegadeGDI

    I have the original with collapsible stock and it’s great.

  6. shittygrammer

    Can this be converted to 5.56?

  7. Affectionate-Metal-2

    Innovative, but this gun is way too gassy suppressed.

  8. Choogly

    But…why not 9″…

    _inb4 that’s what she said_

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