[Pistol] Sig MCX Rattler 5.56/.223 5.5″ Barrel 30rd Black $2299

[Pistol] Sig MCX Rattler 5.56/.223 5.5″ Barrel 30rd Black $2299


[Pistol] Sig MCX Rattler 5.56/.223 5.5″ Barrel 30rd Black $2299

31 reviews for [Pistol] Sig MCX Rattler 5.56/.223 5.5″ Barrel 30rd Black $2299

  1. NotoriousDVA

    “I cast fireball on the goblin warchief with my SIG MCX Rattler.”

  2. GYPSYkick

    Shooting this indoors isn’t even that bad.. my ears only ring for about an hour if I wear plugs and electric ear pro together.

  3. N20Joe

    Just looking at this post makes my ears ring

  4. thanksforasking_

    debating between this and the .177 mcx

  5. hack-a-shaq

    Where’s my fucking 11.5” Virtus, Sig?? Nobody wants this shit

  6. JackKnoff69

    I can feel the concussion from here

  7. SalemLXII


  8. Racer_Space

    Why do they even waste their time making this? It just takes up production time for products people would actually want.

  9. iRacingVRGuy

    Wish it was .300blk…

  10. alt692769

    Idk why they even bother making Rattlers outside of 300 blk

  11. hastalavistabb

    The only gun dumber than the HK SP5L is this. Why.

  12. ForgeLT

    Why even waste production time on these when everyone is begging for a .300 blk version to the point we will trade our own grandmothers for one. 5.5” 5.56? Really??

  13. KT515

    I have the .300 Rattler. It is the way.

  14. Super_Wenis

    This or a set of EarGo Max hearing aids for only $1850 https://shop.eargo.com/eargo-max

  15. renegadeGDI

    That barrel is so short I wonder if you could get to subsonic levels with factory loads while remaining reliable ? That would be fun.

  16. jaymassinello

    Dude.. this with a silencer would be nasty

  17. robbinh00d

    Is the lower on this exactly the same as the virtus?

  18. castanza128

    Awesome gun, wrong caliber.
    This is for when you want to feel like you’re getting your face smashed every time you pull the trigger.

  19. shootdatthang

    Here is a video of a guy testing this one with different ammo to test its viability.


  20. joshuakang190

    I was wondering why these comments were so overwhelmingly negative and then saw this was in 5.56 lmaoo

  21. litegreen666

    Why tho

  22. YooserNahme


  23. matts290

    Ear damage aside, I kinda rather have a slingshot than a 5.5″ 5.56, the ballistics must be awful. Keyholing like a MFer

  24. akazabam


  25. BenzoClaymore

    5.5” barrel because fuck you

  26. victorconcepts

    I absolutely love impractical guns

  27. DonaldJBinks

    When .300 blackout

  28. throwawayifyoureugly

    Serious question, why is this $2k+?

  29. SolarMoth

    That shit is expensive….

  30. OfficialHavik

    I laugh my ass off every time this gets posted.

  31. MMAandSoccer

    Y tho

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