[Pistol] SDS 1911A1 45ACP 5″ 7RD Buy 1 for $374 or 2 for $748 No Tax

[Pistol] SDS 1911A1 45ACP 5″ 7RD Buy 1 for $374 or 2 for $748 No Tax


[Pistol] SDS 1911A1 45ACP 5″ 7RD Buy 1 for $374 or 2 for $748 No Tax

17 reviews for [Pistol] SDS 1911A1 45ACP 5″ 7RD Buy 1 for $374 or 2 for $748 No Tax

  1. BurtGummer65

    If you’re in for two you got like four world wars under your belt and actually… kinda dumb to buy two when *clears throat* “.45ACP BECAUSE SHOOTING TWICE IS JUST SILLY.”

  2. mjisdagoat23

    This or Rock Island 1911?

  3. Justiceits3lf

    You definitely pay for a 374$ 1911. The difference between this and a 750$ 1911 is there. However I’m a cheap hoe and bought this one to see if I liked having my own .45. It’s okay but definitely not unhappy I paid 325$ for it two years ago.

  4. Tuco86x

    My bad. Thought this was Reeds

  5. salemlakes

    if you buy one you get a 1911 but if you buy 2 you get mustang and sally

  6. SouthPawCO

    Recently purchased a stainless SDS Duty 5” 1911. I did quite a bit of research and really didn’t find anything negative about them. Lots of people praised the A1 clone. If they run like they say they do, you can’t beat them.

  7. Superman81284

    or buy 3 for $1,122

  8. rokr1292

    If I get two, do they come in one of those cool cans? /s

  9. Sowr212

    “Why buy one when you can buy two for twice the price.”

  10. GunsandTrucksTX

    This seems cheap for a basic 1911.

  11. InterestingCraft3

    Comment this every time it pops up. If you want a knock around 1911 this over the RIA every time. Mine came out a little more green than the pictures but I’ve never had a failure in probably about 1000 rds now.

    This price seems pretty typical, I got mine for like 399 a year ago or so.

    Send it, won’t regret it.

  12. Rollingzeppelin

    It runs, and I find the fit and finish to be on par or better than RIA. Great placeholder in a collection. Will definitely hold me over till I get a DW Specialist

  13. therealnomayo

    Thanks OP. I got the last one!

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  15. Mammoth-Elk-2191


  16. rugernut13

    For the record, I’ve had 3 different 1911 pistols from sds. All 3 were a little tight from the factory. With a lot of break in, or a little 1000 grit sandpaper, all 3 outshot my colt, Springfield, and Remington 1911s. These are solid.

  17. Rorik_Odinnson

    I bought one of these as my Pop’s Christmas present to match his Thompson Commando. They had flat shipping of 25, and with a friendly FFL it was 415 in my hands, and Georgia Gun Store was helpful and quick with their delivery. Would recommend.

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