[Pistol] SCCY CPX-2 Two Tone 9mm $179.99

[Pistol] SCCY CPX-2 Two Tone 9mm $179.99


[Pistol] SCCY CPX-2 Two Tone 9mm $179.99

13 reviews for [Pistol] SCCY CPX-2 Two Tone 9mm $179.99

  1. aaatttppp

    They charge a convenience fee of $20.47 for using a card and a shipping fee of $19.95.

    No other way to pay for it, so it’s just a hidden price.

  2. the20thh

    It’s weird that people complain about a gun that costs $150, and even weirder that people complain about the trigger of a $150 gun lol

  3. Platanium

    Damn that HK45C for 666.99 on their site..

    Somebody get it, it’s too tempting

  4. wanttobeoceanside

    This is one of my “hide around the house” guns and hope it doesn’t come down to having to use it. Trigger feels like a bowl of jello with broken popsicle stick in it.

  5. DerKrieger105

    Last two of these we got in on transfer had no rear sights installed and one had a broken safety.


    Great for robbing your local liquor store. Not great for much else

  6. man-of-stihl

    Buy a Hi-point instead of this

    I had this same exact gun and needless to say I no longer own it

  7. mcjon77

    I have two of them. They are OK. Definitely better than my hi-point, but not as good as my Taurus G2c. Pretty simple to run. I was planning on loaning them to family members who didn’t own guns, but had some basic experience shooting, if the SHTF.

    1. The trigger is kinda crap, but not awful. It is a double action trigger that feels a little cheap, but you can get a smooth, consistent trigger pull with practice, unlike my Kel-Tec P11, whose trigger is absolute ass.
    2. LUBE THE GUN. This is one of the few guns that will absolutely jam within the first mag if you do not lube it. While I do lubricate all of my guns, I like to see what each does “out of the box”. Both of these had FTEs in the first mag, but ran reliably after lubrication with zero failures.
    3. I would have absolutely no problem at all carrying this gun for self defense, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. I can get solid hits with it at normal defensive shooting distances, but it is nowhere near as tight as my Glock 26.
    4. I bought my second one at my local BigR (like Rural King or Fleet and Farm) back in 2019 during black friday. They were selling them for about $110 tax included, after mail in rebate. It is one of my biggest missed purchases regrets that I didn’t buy 3 of them (in different colors, of course) when they were that cheap. Granted. I have zero need for 4 Sccy pistols, but it was just $110.

  8. God_Emperor_Shrek

    coworker of mine got one of these and on top of the heavy trigger pull it was light striking out the box, probably a defect but something to keep note of

  9. Still_Writing_394

    It’s a great gun once you swap the trigger out,went from an 8lb trigger pull to 4lb

  10. jupiterlouis

    For $180 you can’t beat it. If you’re into home defense just stock up on these bad boys and strategically hide them around your house like little easter egg lead dispensers.

  11. Future_Washingtonian

    They donate profits to ‘Christian ministries’. No thanks.

  12. pskindlefire

    I had this gun for a while. I sold it because I could not shoot it well and it consistently had FTF problems with even brass cased ammo. I sent it back to SCCY to get it worked on, and while their customer service was good, they did not fix the problem. I’d say that because of the poor reliability, these guns don’t make sense at this price point, since you can buy a reliable Taurus G2C for around the same price.

  13. BurtGummer65

    Reach for the sccy pardner

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