[Pistol] SAR 109T PSTL 9MM 8.6″ 32RD 3 MAGS [SAR109T] $657.19

[Pistol] SAR 109T PSTL 9MM 8.6″ 32RD 3 MAGS [SAR109T] $657.19


[Pistol] SAR 109T PSTL 9MM 8.6″ 32RD 3 MAGS [SAR109T] $657.19

9 reviews for [Pistol] SAR 109T PSTL 9MM 8.6″ 32RD 3 MAGS [SAR109T] $657.19

  1. Sokmunky

    Never seen this but it gives me 416 vibes

  2. Puzzled-Computer158

    Great price compared to what people wanted for them. (They are $1800 on gunprime)

    Neat AR-9 that takes Colt mags.

  3. jacksonsamualmcgee

    Never seen these. Worth it?

  4. ShenandoahValley

    Could be a fun weapon to shoot. For the price it would make a good weapon for range day.

  5. mrreal01

    Have one, don’t even try and change the stabilizer. They use thread lock on it. Scratched the hell out of mine to get it off and the castle but broke.

  6. rdcisneros3

    How does this compare to the Extar EP9?

  7. jesuriah

    SAR, lol nope.


    Butthurt fanboys abound. SAR makes shitty guns, fight me.

    *edit 2*
    Which one of you reported me for being suicidal, lol.

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