[Pistol] Ruger Mk IV Hunter $739 after discount ($919msrp) (SPORTSMANS)

[Pistol] Ruger Mk IV Hunter $739 after discount ($919msrp) (SPORTSMANS)


[Pistol] Ruger Mk IV Hunter $739 after discount ($919msrp) (SPORTSMANS)

10 reviews for [Pistol] Ruger Mk IV Hunter $739 after discount ($919msrp) (SPORTSMANS)

  1. endwick

    I have one and love it. It’s a beautiful gun (and a great shooter–goes without saying) that will probably be in my family for a long time. I haven’t seen this or the similar Competition model in stock since maybe May 2020.

  2. skorpion216

    Mark IV’s are wonderful, but I would only recommend one with a threaded barrel. If you haven’t shot one suppressed, you’ll never want to shoot one any other way after you try it.

  3. [deleted]


  4. MetalZeppelin

    In stock, kinda a deal, oos everywhere. I think ruger raised the price too so I think this is a deal now. Msrp is $919

  5. MetalZeppelin

    If someone knows how to submit links again that have already been submitted to gundeals…

    Edit: nevermind it’s already oos

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  7. VickMontgomery

    I got the target model with the fat grips – amazing gun. The only complain I have is some QC issue – the front pivot screw would back itself out – nothing a touch of loctide couldn’t fix.

  8. socmedred

    Almost double the price of the SW22 Victory which is comparable in so many ways. I really do feel it is a worthy alternative. I suppose that means I’m threadcrapping so TU for the post.

  9. DrKDB

    This is hilarious. Come on guys.

  10. Carbs_Are_Satan

    That’s a lot of money for a gun that probably still jams twice for every 10 rounds.

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