[Pistol] RUGER EC9S 9MM 3.1″ BLK 7RD – $237.99

[Pistol] RUGER EC9S 9MM 3.1″ BLK 7RD – $237.99


[Pistol] RUGER EC9S 9MM 3.1″ BLK 7RD – $237.99

9 reviews for [Pistol] RUGER EC9S 9MM 3.1″ BLK 7RD – $237.99

  1. ButtLover1991

    My favorite pocket gun. About the size of a G43 but thinner and holds one extra bullet. Ergonomically the Glock feels better but for double the price

  2. Myothercarisawalrus

    Honest question, is this entirely obsolete now that the Max 9 exists? HandgunHero shows the Max is slightly smaller, has far better capacity, and nicer sights. Educate me.

  3. TheCursedFrogurt

    Used one of these as my EDC gun for about two years. Nothing fancy about it but it worked fine, decent availability for holsters and I never had any sort of serious malfunction with mine during that time. The finish on my slide was pretty weak was constantly battling surface rust, so keep it as clean as you can.

  4. Lazy_Necessary8631

    I assume P365 is superior in every way and this is just a more economical option?

  5. [deleted]


  6. chevyfried

    Good price for a mediocre gun. Sights are terrible, trigger is meh. Mine was not the most reliable, had to try a few diff HD rounds before I found ones that would cycle. It’s been a while but I believe Hornady Critical Defense worked best. Speer Gold Dot would FTF which is sad because that’s my go to HD round. No problems with ball ammo.

    Paid $220 from BPS.

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  8. Deer_hunter4430

    I’ve never heard of this site/seller. Are they legit? Any issues?

  9. 3078-9756

    Are these basically a second gen of lcp?

    I had a 380 in the first and that thing was fucking awful…

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