[PISTOL] ROCK ISLAND PRO ULTRA MATCH HC 9MM 17+1RD – $767+shipping (email for price)

[PISTOL] ROCK ISLAND PRO ULTRA MATCH HC 9MM 17+1RD – $767+shipping (email for price)


[PISTOL] ROCK ISLAND PRO ULTRA MATCH HC 9MM 17+1RD – $767+shipping (email for price)

15 reviews for [PISTOL] ROCK ISLAND PRO ULTRA MATCH HC 9MM 17+1RD – $767+shipping (email for price)

  1. Shady14

    Tell me why I shouldn’t buy this

    edit: Too slow i bought it

  2. shinayasaki

    your budget 2011

  3. kronkmusic

    why the hell do they not put a threaded barrel in these?

  4. SwimmingJunky

    What’s the difference between this and a Tac Ultra FS HC or is this the same thing?

  5. Chez92

    Where do we find spare mags?

  6. Grand_Cookie

    I already want one of these, but if they’d make a .38 super version I’d lose it.

  7. bl00dyf4rts

    Sale not allowed in MD womp womp waaaah 🙁

  8. mcpickledickle

    How good can you get these triggers?

  9. DefinitelySincere

    For anyone interested in the difference between this and the tac ultra, I posted this below:

    I bought the pro ultra match in 9mm last month. There is damn near no info on it anywhere, including the rock island website. The main differences that I can see from a normal tac ultra, is the front strap is actually checkered (not just useless straight lines), and the rear sight is blacked out and has an anti-glare texture. The barrel is also all matte silver with no finish on it.

    Besides that, according to rock island this series also gets hand fitted parts, and a match grade barrel (not sure if that also comes on the tac ultra). Minor differences, but I think it’s work it for the checkering.

  10. bugaboo754

    Must not buy….must not buy….

  11. Sneaky-Beaky-Ninja

    How long are the emails taking? I’ve been looking for one of these for years

  12. WeArePandey

    I have a staccato P. I still want this. Why?

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  14. YungleRed999

    Does anyone know if this pistol is DA/SA or purely SA

  15. KStang086

    I’m trying my damndest to resist this deal

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