[pistol] rock island 1911 $399

[pistol] rock island 1911 $399


[pistol] rock island 1911 $399

10 reviews for [pistol] rock island 1911 $399

  1. Pile_of_Walthers

    Only available in store and the nearest one to me is 424 miles away, three states over.

  2. ohnolagman

    Closest store with inventory, Eureka CA, 1500 miles. Road trip time boys.

  3. amlredflag

    Stoooop y’all are making my credit card hurt

  4. kingofpringlez

    Does anyone think $450 for this gun is a BIN price?

  5. jholler0351

    None in stock.

  6. bornhereraisedwhere


  7. W0eUnt0You


  8. Niteryder007

    Had one not too long ago, sent it in 3 separate times to be serviced because it wouldn’t shoot.

  9. victorconcepts

    Love my RI

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