[PISTOL] PTR32P 7.62×39 $1234 +$30 shipping.

[PISTOL] PTR32P 7.62×39 $1234 +$30 shipping.


[PISTOL] PTR32P 7.62×39 $1234 +$30 shipping.

11 reviews for [PISTOL] PTR32P 7.62×39 $1234 +$30 shipping.

  1. TalaxianNeckbeard

    Heads up, these can be picky about mags. The last one I got wouldn’t work with anything but Magpul and PTR told me via CS there was nothing wrong with that.

  2. Internetguy1000


  3. Woodyhaill

    Anyone know if an HK PDW brace will work on this?

  4. TheStig111

    Been looking for one for years, THANK YOU OP.

  5. baijiu5000

    Damn they stopped taking Amex. I’ve stopped trusting online places with debit.

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  7. Rausch

    I swear they stopped making the 202.

  8. OnYourSide

    Damn this is tempting

  9. UnexpectedRedditor

    How is x39 out of an 8.5″ barrel? And can I swap a binary picto lower onto this?

  10. InfiniteWalrus09

    I want an HK 93 from ptr. 🙁
    Why don’t they make them. I don’t trust the century arms ones.

  11. LeDerpBoss

    Fuccckkkkkk my impulse control is being tested right nowwww.

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