[Pistol] PTR 9KT and PTR 9CT – $1625+Shipping

[Pistol] PTR 9KT and PTR 9CT – $1625+Shipping


[Pistol] PTR 9KT and PTR 9CT – $1625+Shipping

9 reviews for [Pistol] PTR 9KT and PTR 9CT – $1625+Shipping

  1. Callmechachi210

    $50 cc service charge ruined it

  2. chrisdetrin

    1550 is cheapest I ever saw the 9kt and 1500 for the 9ct pre ronna this is a good deal dont hesitate.

  3. ToastedSammer

    Considering getting one of these since stribog A3 is so disappointing.

    Question… will these shoot subs/flatnose/hps well ?
    Will it shoot well suppressed ?
    K version has threaded barrel or only trilug?
    Any input on length considerations or issues if I plan to shoot mostly suppressed?
    Any input is appreciated…
    Thanks guys

  4. EastwoodRavine85

    Pricing is getting better, is $1399 to much to hope for?

  5. CrzyJek

    Pull the trigger on this or save another $1200 for the actual H&K? And has the quality improved on these? I’ve always heard horror stories.

    Edit: Well fuck me right? Downvoted for asking a question. It was true that when these first launched they had some issue. That’s why I was asking if they have gotten better.

  6. thatguyinthebackseat

    Keep falling baby!!

  7. RevengeOfTheT

    +$30 handgun shipping fee plus tax makes this $1790 to CO. So basically the same as usual, maybe a deal for you non-tax or low-tax states.

  8. victorconcepts

    Damn thought i got a deal on a 9c now the 9ct are the same price

  9. ACharlieJob

    god dammit i just bought the 9CT that was posted a few days ago from kygunco for 1750. now that 9kt is calling my fucking name….

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