[Pistol] PTR-9CT $1513.00 no tax, free ship.

[Pistol] PTR-9CT $1513.00 no tax, free ship.


[Pistol] PTR-9CT $1513.00 no tax, free ship.

13 reviews for [Pistol] PTR-9CT $1513.00 no tax, free ship.

  1. Stubeezy

    Seemed like a good deal, been looking for one of these. Grabbed a sbt tactical brace for $200 from elsewhere to seal the deal.

    Edit: Added the 365XL TacPac for $544.00 from earlier deal because 1 is none… so 2 made 1?

  2. Cabshank

    Is this an mp5 for us poors?

  3. gOforth31

    It’s ok that I paid $300 more a year ago cuz I got mine sooner and shot more expensive ammo through it…

  4. cyclingfaction

    “Use” tax basically same amount as sales tax if you’re in WA paid at FFL.

  5. Firearmjoe

    I’m getting charged tax

  6. cheungms


  7. AltoidsSoursOFFICIAL


  8. VanillathunderOO7

    I’m caught between an mpx k and this

  9. Razvee

    I just bought: https://www.preppergunshop.com/century-arms-mke-mp5-brace-6035

    … $300 more but comes with the brace that literally everybody is out of stock on… So I don’t know….

  10. ImGundy

    These are made on the same HK tooling as the SP5/MP5, right?

  11. Trunksplays

    Legit just get a Century AP5. They’re imports and work way better.

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  13. dippenmesomecope

    Any chance they’ll ever release a mp5SD clone?

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