[PISTOL] PTR 9CT – $1512.90 with code “JULY10”

[PISTOL] PTR 9CT – $1512.90 with code “JULY10”


[PISTOL] PTR 9CT – $1512.90 with code “JULY10”

8 reviews for [PISTOL] PTR 9CT – $1512.90 with code “JULY10”

  1. Super_Wenis

    For when you want to be HK cool, but for 1/2 the price. . .

  2. FabulaJones

    These prices kill me.. paid 1850 for mine months ago

  3. Nevertrumper1978

    $40 better then what I paid last week and I thought I got a good deal. It is sweet! https://i.imgur.com/3bPrTYL.jpg

  4. opsec-919

    I bought this a week ago for 1600, this is BIN prices cheapest its ever been

  5. Shady14

    Damn, this close to pulling the trigger, but $30 in shipping and $90 in sales tax killed it.

  6. 03slampig

    Paid $1800 back in January. Good deal.

  7. ThorryThori

    This vs mpx?

  8. lazyturtler

    how is the quality on these? i see like visible welds on the gun is it as bad as in the picture?

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