[Pistol] PTR 91 PDW – .308, 8.5″, $1099

[Pistol] PTR 91 PDW – .308, 8.5″, $1099


[Pistol] PTR 91 PDW – .308, 8.5″, $1099

27 reviews for [Pistol] PTR 91 PDW – .308, 8.5″, $1099

  1. thatshiftyshadow

    8.5 inches is the optimal length for clearing your local range tables of slow moving fudds.

  2. bourbon-and-bullets


  3. BornOnTheFourth

    When you want to shoot 7.62 but can’t decide if you want to be x39 or x51. Why not have the ballistics of one and the expense of the other! As a bonus you get to knock out any loose teeth

  4. NotoriousDVA

    **WHAT** ^(is love?)

  5. ClandestineArms

    I absolutely bang w a 13.5″ mws but what tf is this monstrosity…

  6. 666ydna

    how does one of these bad boys stack up to an x39 pistol as far as muzzle blast/concussion goes?

  7. EastwoodRavine85

    I always love to post up these flashbang machines, they’re even $100 off (and $500 cheaper than the MP5 clone 🤣)

  8. 86gwrhino

    i want one of these with the most obnoxious 2 chamber brake to clear fudds.

    my last range trip i had someone ask me if i “was ready” after about 20mins of shooting. i thought he wanted to go down range, so i took my ears off. no, dude just wanted to sight his deer gun without gunshots going off around him. when i asked if he wanted to go downrange he said no he was just “asking if i could be courteous”…

    now if i had one of these that time

  9. GolfWang16000

    Wonder what a silencer would even accomplish here, someone report back if you’ve actually done it. Would still need ears on but it may make it tolerable?

  10. iLuvstockglocksights

    B O O M S T I C K

    I like

  11. JackEstab0n

    Flashbang gun

  12. DarthVadersBlaster

    [Damn you tinnitus! You’re a cruel mistress.](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C3gqrSDWYAEC_7H.jpg)

  13. LVCSSlacker

    Flashbangs just got a lot cheaper.

  14. Techn028

    I tried toughing out the guy with a 308 pistol next to me at the range last year. My earplugs wiggled it’s way out slightly and I’m still hearing the ringing right this second.

  15. VexisArcanum

    Just slap a nice b cell aluminum solvent trap on here and call it a pipe bomb


    I built a 7.5 ar10. I would probably be afraid to shoot it at an indoor range.

  17. Dave_A_Computer

    12.5″ when?

  18. Garand

    Memes aside, what’s the consensus on the PTR 308s in general?

  19. SixGunCold



    Where are the 12″ ones?

  20. TheStig111


  21. Trisomy21Timmy

    This gave me a chubby 🍆

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  23. Sammakkoh

    This or an SA58? (Obviously not the same price).

  24. skidude9678

    Just bought one of these 3 days ago from Atlantic for $1199, god dammit


    Great for shooting fireballs!

  26. Subotai_Super_Shorty

    Have this one and love it, although I wish I had bought more steel 308 before the import ban.

    Also, the castle nut on the little tube on the back is put on with PSA retard strength FYI.

  27. waratworld17

    This would be pretty cool with a suppressor and subsonic ammo.

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