[Pistol] PTR 91 51P PDWR 308WIN 8.5 MP5 HandGuard BLK 20RD $1097 email price No Tax

[Pistol] PTR 91 51P PDWR 308WIN 8.5 MP5 HandGuard BLK 20RD $1097 email price No Tax


[Pistol] PTR 91 51P PDWR 308WIN 8.5 MP5 HandGuard BLK 20RD $1097 email price No Tax

24 reviews for [Pistol] PTR 91 51P PDWR 308WIN 8.5 MP5 HandGuard BLK 20RD $1097 email price No Tax

  1. Apolopolo99

    Could you theoretically have some sort of timed trigger then throw this into a room before breaching and clearing?

  2. Tuco86x

    What’s that ringing sound?!

  3. blatantlyoblivion

    This post gave me tinnitus

  4. Dave_A_Computer

    It’s gotta be 12.5″ for this gurl.

    Seriously though, where’s that sweet sweet PTR 111 K3P PDWR 12.5″ tree-oh-ate

  5. Corey307

    Turn .308 Win into 7.62×39 with this one trick doctors don’t want you to know!

  6. jefftopgun

    This with hk’s $499 100rd cmag? If this took FAL mags I’d dump my rfb in a heartbeat hahah.

  7. Contortrix69






  8. Direct-Ad-7330

    will this make my hearing better???

  9. Mervin-Blein

    Would this make a good EDC?

  10. Chewynugetman

    Look a 20 round flash bang device.

  11. Pile_of_Walthers

    sTOCk rEaDy.

  12. Egall0816

    This just looks painful

  13. GloryholeKaleidscope

    You have a type Tuco, or hold on.. YOU LIKE EM’ LOUD TUCO!!!!

  14. fourleggedpython

    I am actually tempted. How hard is it to swap the handguard? Are there lists of compatible handguards?

  15. radio_schizo

    Only to be fired at the indoor range


    I bet that thing throws some hellacious fireballs

  17. Legio-V-Alaudae

    Perfect night stand gun. You’ll be deaf for a week and won’t be able to give an admissible statement. Plenty of time to recall the facts.

  18. Sleeveless9

    Cheek pistol.

  19. Archaic_1

    Can anyone recommend an appendix carry holster for this?

  20. Temporary_Air_3024

    Why does this exist? Cause fuck you? Fuck everyone in the same room? Fuck hearing protection? Fuck accuracy at range? Fuck ballistics? Fuck money? I just don’t get it….

  21. UCFKnights79

    The biggity big MP5.

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  23. roostersnuffed

    Jesus. Ill have the funds come December. Please come back around.

  24. rev_otto

    What comp would you guys recommend for this?

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