[Pistol] PTR 105 PDWR 308 Win 7.62x51mm NATO 8.50″ 20+1 Black $1177

[Pistol] PTR 105 PDWR 308 Win 7.62x51mm NATO 8.50″ 20+1 Black $1177


[Pistol] PTR 105 PDWR 308 Win 7.62x51mm NATO 8.50″ 20+1 Black $1177

36 reviews for [Pistol] PTR 105 PDWR 308 Win 7.62x51mm NATO 8.50″ 20+1 Black $1177

  1. BlueFalcon2009

    I hear if I buy this, I’ll make lots of friends at the indoor range. Is that true?

  2. SafeFor83NOS

    for my enlisted folks trying to earn that 10%

  3. Ok_Understanding1612

    Personal Deafness Weapon

  4. bigtittypeniscumsock

    The fact they can make these for around a grand but their 9mm version (aka mp5) is $800 more. Sounds like a markup to me, it’s virtually the same manufacturing process just smaller

  5. iredditshere

    Put a brace and binary trigger it.

  6. Ace74u

    Anyone who buys this and doesn’t put a LAF-30 on it is fake.

  7. Thebrowndolphin


  8. Tuco86x

    $1095 email quote price

  9. Pile_of_Walthers

    Whoever buys one should post it on Tinnitus Tuesday.

  10. MisterMasterCylinder

    I know .308 out of an 8.5″ barrel is kind of stupid. But I still kind of want this anyway

  11. Subversion7

    Why do these always seem so damn cool whenever it’s posted?

    I will forever consider one of these, but yeah….what’s the goal with these other than spectacular fireball and impressive concussion?

  12. Dave_A_Computer

    @ me when the 12.5s are back in existence.

  13. DVMMeowmix


  14. leesamuel


  15. meiswhitey

    How do I get a brace on this? And which braces will work with this?

  16. CCWThrowaway360

    I read that as $177 at first and nearly shit myself with excitement. Time for thicker reading glasses.

  17. spookiest-goon

    Ah yes, my favorite concealed carry gun

  18. Bcomplexity

    Get kicked out of the range quick with these easy steps….

  19. yellowback69

    Ahh yes, ^tinnitus

  20. c0Y0T3cOdY

    Dentists and ENTs approve.

  21. tiffanyhascrabs

    Here is a pic of my 11″ next to a Z5RS.

    “She’s a huge bitch”.



    No idea how it shoots, haven’t shot it yet. FELX WHEELA on yall.

  22. Any-Entertainer9302


  23. M6D_Magnum

    I just want a PTR 32P. 🙁

  24. MountainMugwump

    Can these be suppressed or is the barrel to short?

  25. N_L287

    Oh my Christ.

  26. mrwallstreetbets96


  27. LotionOfMotion

    I love shooting my PTR 91 but my main gripe with these new MLOK handguards is that they transfer heat way too easily from the barrel.

  28. sheepsleepdeep

    Need to stop by charging rhino in a hallway? Accept no substitute.

  29. NickdeVault57

    Can’t wait for their 16″ version to come back in stock myself. Glad to see more PTRs appearing though

  30. DonJon613


  31. stumpy1218


  32. netballr

    Still waiting on the regular GI to get back down to $1k…

  33. TheDarkRider

    Should say free case of tinnitus

  34. Myothercarisawalrus

    Ear Raper 9000

  35. Quake_Guy

    Dumb loud guns like this were a fun novelty for about 5 years after AWB expired. Now just obnoxious dumb already been done.

    I have a 7.5″ AR upper I’m also embarrassed to shoot. Need to take it out at night and thats about it.

  36. Reddit16494926251849

    Basically just operationally effective short shorts. I want a FAL but this can’t be it 😂

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