[Pistol] P365x 9mm, $452 +S&H.

[Pistol] P365x 9mm, $452 +S&H.


[Pistol] P365x 9mm, $452 +S&H.

17 reviews for [Pistol] P365x 9mm, $452 +S&H.

  1. incredibleediblejake

    If only I wasn’t currently working twice as hard for half the pay….

  2. Neumann4493

    I was looking for this for a while and found this at a nice price. Seems not much posts here for the 365x.
    Posting this since i bought one and thought it was a good deal.

    Email for price

  3. SAM7SF-84E

    Solid price. BIN.

  4. dbctny

    Would be nice to see the 10+1 version at this price.

  5. Neumann4493

    In the description it denotes PST what does that mean?
    This is with optic cut and no safety ?
    Anyone know?

  6. Silky04

    Received the email with discounted price shortly after requesting it. Got one. Thanks OP

  7. DaSandGuy

    wtf how, dealer cost on these is $527…


    Shows 659?

  9. redbirds4life

    *cries in california*

  10. Z_0_Sick


  11. ZeroSequence

    Fuck yeah, been waiting for this price to come around again.

  12. Buford_Tannen__

    Awesome deal! Thanks OP!

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  14. shadytinh

    This is definitely BIN. I paid $600+10% tax at my LGS…

  15. ICanQuoteTheOffice2

    Following the link looks like this is no longer offered at 452 (I’m seeing 659.99)

  16. darthmcvader7

    In for 1, thanks OP!

  17. Wraith8888

    Be nice if it were true. They never send the email for price.

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