[Pistol] MP5 Clones by PTR: 9C (8.86”) & 9KT (5.16”) – $1,513.69 (EMAIL FOR PRICE)

[Pistol] MP5 Clones by PTR: 9C (8.86”) & 9KT (5.16”) – $1,513.69 (EMAIL FOR PRICE)


[Pistol] MP5 Clones by PTR: 9C (8.86”) & 9KT (5.16”) – $1,513.69 (EMAIL FOR PRICE)

11 reviews for [Pistol] MP5 Clones by PTR: 9C (8.86”) & 9KT (5.16”) – $1,513.69 (EMAIL FOR PRICE)

  1. QuadRail

    Must select “EMAIL FOR PRICE” for $1,513.69:

    [PTR 600 9C 8.86”](https://dahlonegaarmory.com/product/ptr-600-9c-ar-pistol-semi-automatic-9mm-luger-8.86-301-black#product_detail)

    [PTR 6039KT 9KT 5.16”](https://dahlonegaarmory.com/product/ptr-9kt-9mm-5.83-tb-mlok-handguard#product_detail)

    From the perspective of an average dude who wants an MP5 but is hesitant to pay HK dollars – it’s encouraging to see clone pricing getting more competitive.

  2. jeenyus024

    Will PSA ever come out with their MP5 clone and will that force down the prices of ones like these?

  3. QuadRail

    Doing some research on the PTR models… I’m green so someone correct me if I’m wrong:

    [9CT PTR 601](https://ptr-us.com/product/9-ct-ptr-601/) = 8.86” 3-LUG, 1/2 X 28 THREADED BARREL

    [9C PTR 600](https://ptr-us.com/product/9c-ptr-600/) = 8.86″ 3-LUG BARREL **(NOT THREADED)**

    [9KT PTR 603](https://ptr-us.com/product/9-kt-ptr-603/) = 5.16″ 3-LUG, 1⁄2 X 28 THREADED BARREL

    ~~So the 9C may want to be avoided if intending to shooting suppressed~~ general awareness PSA for folks deciding how they’d like to run these suppressed

  4. MaverickTopGun

    Paid $2200 for this with the classic handguard and the SB5 folding brace back in November 2020. If this was base gun then it’d be about $2000 all things said and done. This stings a little but glad to see prices come down.

  5. KnifeActual

    How are these vs the mke pistols imported by century?

  6. renegadeGDI

    I have 5 PCCs and my 9CT is my favorite, it’s the quietest suppressed and the only one that has never jammed.

  7. your_huckleberry249

    Mmm…kp9 or this?🤔

  8. swooshZ0691

    Whats everyones premium favorite ammo to shoot out of these? 147gr hst?

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  10. TheFord66

    I’ve been looking for a brace for my 9CT for a while now. They are a little hard to come by without outrageous markups on GB.

  11. craigeeeeeeeeee

    Clones are for Poors….🙄

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