[Pistol] Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX 50 AE 6″ 7+1 Black Tiger $2052

[Pistol] Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX 50 AE 6″ 7+1 Black Tiger $2052


[Pistol] Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX 50 AE 6″ 7+1 Black Tiger $2052

31 reviews for [Pistol] Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX 50 AE 6″ 7+1 Black Tiger $2052

  1. Jaruut

    Desert Eagle? ✔️

    50AE? ✔️

    Tiger Stripe? ✔️

    Gold? ❌

    My wallet can breathe a sigh of relief.

  2. Dogsport1

    What an absurdly pointless gun.

    I want it. Bad.

  3. jontyllis


  4. Adseg5

    I love **goolllddddddddd**

  5. YoDavidPlays

    would this be a nice match for my gold tiger stripe? 🤔

  6. czynips

    That’s gonna be a no from me dog. Looks like my wife’s boyfriend’s underwear that I have to wash if I wanna go to the range.

  7. Jukecrim7

    That’s no gun, that’s a tiger and it chooses to be in whatever form

  8. Pitt2k4

    If you’ve ever almost bought a gun because of YouTube, go ahead and hit that subscribe button.

  9. stumpy1218

    Close. Just needs some gold

  10. jimmy1374

    Fuck. This is the one I want! But in a poor.

    Not that I would ever be able to shoot it, and not many people can carry it. I probably could. I’m not yuge, but I am big. Think I should go fund me this one?

  11. RealitySuitable

    Right pattern, wrong color, so close

  12. s0briquet

    Moving this weekend, or else this would be mine.

  13. pacersrule

    Joe Exotic approved

  14. big_daddy_kane1


  15. HalfAshed2520

    Its super nice but im on the hunt for the gold one right now.

  16. thatcoil

    Why do they make any other color than gold? Just to tease us?

  17. The-Mighty-Redoak

    As a proud owner of 2 deagles. Color is not important. The boom is what you’ll be satisfied with.

  18. socaldodger

    I wish this was on the CA roster. 😞

  19. areyoucallingmealiar

    Man I feel old. I remember when these where like $800-900.

  20. OnYourSide

    I ragrat prematurely busting my deagle nut earlier this year on a SS model….should have waited for this!

  21. Schemp001

    Anyone know of good holsters for these

  22. OGPurrito

    Already got my sleeping-on-the-couch pack ready, just gotta wait for the wife to come home now

  23. Enigma_x23

    Just bought the gold one. Dammit now my true grail wants to show up.

  24. CaliTexas619

    Thats a bbq gun, right there.

  25. greekplaya990


  26. TheTrooperNate

    Where ammo?

  27. drop0dead

    Imagine seeing someone pull this out of their waistband in a self defense scenario. Everyone would probably be on the floor laughing.

  28. Imaginary-Title490


  29. boogarbutt

    IIH, I want this AND a gold tiger stripe.

    But, fuck $2k right now.

  30. BimmerJustin

    One day I will own a DE 50cal. It will be black tiger stripe. Unfortunately, today is not that day.

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