[pistol] Magnum Research Desert Eagle DE50SR 50AE Stainless $1875.99

[pistol] Magnum Research Desert Eagle DE50SR 50AE Stainless $1875.99


[pistol] Magnum Research Desert Eagle DE50SR 50AE Stainless $1875.99

18 reviews for [pistol] Magnum Research Desert Eagle DE50SR 50AE Stainless $1875.99

  1. type_with_a_lisp

    Force buy deagle + vest + flashbang vibes

  2. KT515

    Dammit this is the one I want too but there is no way this is going on my credit card this month unless next months charge involves a local divorce attorney.

  3. dxsinner

    Man, it sucks to be poor.

  4. yerawizardIMAWOTT

    Thinking about buying but have heard so many bad experiences from guns.com

  5. Thoraxe474

    Fuck. I kinda want stainless because I can’t seem to get to buy gold tiger, but I hate this double rail look and I don’t want to give up on the meme dream

  6. DarkTriadTrader

    My God. It. Is. Beautiful. Was looking at a Sig 365 for IWB carry but I can make this work.

  7. Mc_squawk_box

    Anyone else think the double rail looks awful?

  8. SpokPt2

    Not shiny enough, that’s the excuse that I will go with today

  9. Zephyr4813

    One of my favorite things about this sub are the boomer-esque “mai wife” jokes

  10. overslope

    Sometimes I’m almost glad to be poor enough that things like this aren’t a serious option.

  11. No_Inspection649

    Can someone explain why I want one of these? Expensive to shoot, unreliable, heavy, big, and no real purpose – but I still think it’s awesome.

  12. Finer_than_frog_hair

    Gold tiger in 44 in stock at cheaper than dirt this evening if anyone is interested. Definitely not cheap ($2420.81) and they are blacklisted so can’t post the link but it’s there.

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  14. KStang086

    I have no use case for this gun other than saying, __*Mr. Anderson…*__

  15. TelemetryGeo

    It’s an $800 gun at most…don’t bother.

  16. tolstoysfox

    I didn’t know people unironically liked these.

  17. joes-diaper-is-full

    So where do all the Kahr haters go when these are posted?

  18. HuiColins987

    Can’t the price be stepped down?

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