[Pistol] MAGNUM RESEARCH DES EAG 1911 45ACP BK 5″ $822 no tax

[Pistol] MAGNUM RESEARCH DES EAG 1911 45ACP BK 5″ $822 no tax


[Pistol] MAGNUM RESEARCH DES EAG 1911 45ACP BK 5″ $822 no tax

8 reviews for [Pistol] MAGNUM RESEARCH DES EAG 1911 45ACP BK 5″ $822 no tax

  1. Stubeezy

    If you run out of ammo, you can impale your attacker with that railroad spike on the back.

  2. Efanito

    Mom can we have Desert Eagle?

    We already have Desert Eagle at home.

    Desert Eagle at home:

  3. philipokmolotok

    I implore anyone considering this to look up other angles of it. I almost pulled the trigger myself on this awhile ago, but I personally can’t stand how big it says “desert eagle” on the side

  4. gdmfsobtc

    With rail! This is BIN price, if I already didn’t have 5 of their 1911s I’d be all over it. These are some of my favorite 1911s, made by BUL in Israel. On par with semi customs at 2.5K.

  5. uncleacidsdeadbeat

    How do these compare to Springfields in the same price range?

  6. Krossrunner

    God that’s sexy. But I don’t need another caliber…if only this was in 10mm…

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  8. Dogsport1

    This… might be one of the more intriguing things I’ve seen on the sub. And that’s considering the double barreled rifle the other day.

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