[pistol] LWRC SMG @ Ammo AZ NEW $2850

[pistol] LWRC SMG @ Ammo AZ NEW $2850


[pistol] LWRC SMG @ Ammo AZ NEW $2850

24 reviews for [pistol] LWRC SMG @ Ammo AZ NEW $2850

  1. hack-a-shaq

    Hey, I might come in handy here! I got to shoot an older one of these, and it was all over the place. Ran it in a competition and just got fucking demolished due to the wild inaccuracy.

    Got to shoot a new one, and it was substantially more accurate, right up until you’d get a random flyer that would completely miss the target. Like 10MOA levels of not even close to the rest of the group. As I shot it more, those became more frequent.

    To each their own, but this is one of the hottest pieces of shit I’ve ever shot, which is unfortunate because I love overpriced guns. The fit and finish of this thing just oozes high quality, but you are an absolute sucker if you spend $3k on a gun that has similar aim as my pecker after 12 beers

  2. TheAlchemist1

    The fact these ever made it to market is alarming and shows you the internal testing quality

  3. ponderofclams

    Still sending flyers every few rounds beware

  4. craigeeeeeeeeee

    Like to have this in 10mm…

  5. 86gwrhino

    so they still haven’t fixed these?

  6. cellularresp


    the LWRC SMG is still a shit show. stay away.

  7. Oh_u_know_the_thing

    Sad these things suck dick because they look so awesome. Good thing I can’t afford it anyway

  8. Overpowernamerino

    MAC recently had a video confirming the new ones are still having accuracy issues. Besides, who the f wants this anyway? No M-LOK. No Glock mags. Overpriced. They should’ve just sold the thing without the brace for a lower price point.

  9. I_work_too_much

    I have one with a newer serial. 1000+ rounds suppressed and unsuppressed, not a single flyer. The inconsistency seems to definitely be an issue, but there are examples out there that seemingly don’t have problems.

  10. Darth-Zeon

    NICE!!! Too bad it’s still wildly out of my price range for a subgun. Still an awesome price. Lowest I’ve seen them has been $3,200.

  11. tepextate

    Is this a legit store? They seem to have good deals on a lot of other stuff, too!

  12. Thesexymanfrommars

    Sexy as hell but not for the price tag and the issues it’s facing

  13. big_daddy_kane1

    Insert cod MW2 fanboy here

  14. MKIVSD

    Buyer beware.

    Convert a hk usc to ump instead.

  15. LowValueAviator

    One wonders why they don’t just give up on the falling-barrel short recoil system (or whatever their marketing people are calling it) and just make it a blowback. It’d be fine. Are they incredibly soft shooting the way they are or something?

  16. renegadeGDI

    Lot of bad info in here, I got a bad original one that couldn’t consistently hit steel at 50 yards, but after a long wait lwrc actually fixed it. It’s a whole new gun now and at 50 yards I kept an entire 25 round magazine inside of 4″ with bulk ammo, the bad stock trigger and just a bag rest. Safe to say I’m not still getting flyers.

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  18. Chase43099

    got one gonna make it a machinegun and see how it runs

  19. Pootysnoof

    Website says IP error when trying to connect. On Android if that helps solve the issue

  20. highlymoderate

    I love mine.

    I haven’t had any of the issues people mention over 3k+ rounds, mostly suppressed.

  21. loki993

    Imagine paying nearly 3k for a gun that shoots 10 inch groups.

  22. Havokk

    For the money, a cmmg banshee in .45 seems to be the better way to go.

  23. Raztan

    one of the kids needs braces.. but… this will last longer.. Im in

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