[Pistol] LWRC SMG 45 Pistol + SB Tactical Brace – $2,975.00

[Pistol] LWRC SMG 45 Pistol + SB Tactical Brace – $2,975.00


[Pistol] LWRC SMG 45 Pistol + SB Tactical Brace – $2,975.00

14 reviews for [Pistol] LWRC SMG 45 Pistol + SB Tactical Brace – $2,975.00

  1. cellularresp

    LWRC is on suicide watch right now.
    “Holy shit, we have a warehouse full of these overpriced guns we now need to sell at a loss! Even the normies know this gun is shit.”

  2. uhkayus

    Doggy Doo Doo

  3. TTTTescapee

    3 moa or 30 moa, you never know what you’ll get.


    why in tf do people keep posting this.

    not a good price, and even if it was, the thing is a paperweight.

  5. zefpomp

    Even gunbroker has them cheaper than this..

  6. Tacticool_Turtle

    At least when I miss wildly with my Scorpion I know it’s me sucking… And I didn’t need to spend thousands to wonder about it.

  7. NotoriousDVA

    UMP at home

  8. vkbrian

    Will your next shot land next to the others?

    Or will it fly six feet high over the berm?

    Nobody knows! What fun!

  9. mrwallstreetbets96

    I wouldn’t buy this train wreck for half this price.

  10. I_work_too_much

    ITT: people who don’t own this gun

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  12. Klaus_Von_Richter

    I’d rather have a Gideon Shadow.

  13. thistledew_13

    This thing breaks my heart a local gun store a few years ago had LWRC out for a customer appreciation day. And they had one of these setup and I ended up shooting a house fly with it, then grand thumb got a production model and it sucked ass.

    For anyone interested you can find the pictures on their Instagram.

  14. epia343

    They should quit while they’re behind on this thing.

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